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The Mandalorian's Jetpack is a Miscellaneous Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 5. It is a Mythic version of the Jetpack, obtained by eliminating the Mandalorian at Kit's Cantina.


The Mandalorian's Jetpack takes up a place in the Player's inventory and does not need to be held in order to be used. When the player holds the Jump Button while in the air, the Jetpack activates and allows them to fly upwards slowly, or in the case of falling, counter the downwards movement. After 100 parts of fuel (viewed by holding the jetpack) has been used up, the Mandalorian's Jetpack will stop providing thrust, and turn off in order to recharge. It does not negate fall damage.


The Mandalorian's Jetpack can be obtained by eliminating the Mandalorian at Kit's Cantina, which also grants the Amban Sniper Rifle.


The Mandalorian's Jetpack cannot be upgraded or sidegraded as it is the highest rarity it can be.


The Mandalorian's Jetpack has 100 fuel per flight which lasts 10 seconds. It takes 6 seconds reach 100 fuel again.

The Mandalorian's Jetpack
The Mandalorian's Jetpack - Item - Fortnite.png
Fuel Tank Size: 100
Fuel Reserve: Infinite
Flight Time: 10 Seconds
Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Strategy Guide

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  • The Mandalorian's Jetpack can be used to negate fall damage, as its lift can counteract the momentum of falling.
  • The Mandalorian's Jetpack is ideal to fight someone who building upwards, as you can fly up to their build with minimal effort.
  • The Mandalorian's Jetpack does not negate fall damage so it is very easy to ignore fuel levels and die of fall damage.
  • The Player can jump and aim in the air with a gun to automatically activate the jetpack-however it will not let you fly up too high.


Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6

  • Update v16.00: Vaulted and removed The Mandalorian's Jetpack.
  • Update v16.30: The Mandalorian's Jetpack has been re-added to the game files.

Unknown Update

  • The Mandalorian's Jetpack was removed from the files.


  • It is based on the Jetpack the Mandalorian uses in the TV show of the same name, albeit with no functioning Rocket Projectile.