The Meteor was an unnamed POI located just above the Factories near Dusty Depot.

It also appeared as a non-accessible lore object in the sky during Season 3, and in the trailer for Season 4.


Once an unseen location in Season 4, The Meteor (Now Frozen In Time) was on the Fortnite Map as a Location for looting during Season X.

Season 4

In Season 3, a Comet was spotted flying through the sky. Fans believed that this comet would crash into the map and destroy Tilted Towers! However, in the Season 4 Cinematic, the fan theory was proven half correct when a Meteor hurled from the sky, ripped through the Screen at Risky Reels and crashed into the middle of the map wiping out the Factories and Dusty Depot. It was later named Dusty Divot. The main meteorite in Dusty Divot turned out to hold a space capsule used by The Visitor

Season 10 / Season X

The Meteor returns in Season 10/X, But is frozen in place by the Zero Point Sphere's explosion.

During the The End live event, the meteor got activated by the rocket, but instead of bringing back Dusty Divot, it got sucked into a rift, and hit the Zero Point's forcefield at Loot Lake, causing all the players to be sent out of the island, and being sucked into the sphere itself, where it was just a black hole. The meteor was also one of the causes for creating the new Battle Royale Island.

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