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The DNA of the island is being corrupted. They're preparing to terraform... everything.
Doctor Slone

The Mothership was a Storyline Object in Battle Royale and was the main antagonist of Chapter 2 Season 7.

The Mothership was one of the headquarters of The Last Reality and holds The Cubes as a power source. The Purple Mothership crash-landed beside Apollo Island, in the ocean in the aftermath of Operation: Sky Fire.

It deploys Abductors, Trespassers, and Saucers to the island.


Room Description
Abduction Chamber Abduction Chamber Window - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.png A Room where islanders are abducted into a chamber where abducted chunks of the island reside.
Prison Block The Mothership (Cell 2) - Location - Fortnite.png A Room where Loopers are held to prevent them from escaping shortly before the experiment.
UFO Flight Room Saucers - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.jpg A large chamber where Saucers and Abductors fly out of the Mothership.
Transport Tubes Abduction Tunnel - Screenshot - Fortnite.png Tubes that transport objects into different areas
Alien Parasite Hatchery Henchmen Duo (Chamber) - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.png Chambers where cat food and Alien Parasite Eggs reside.
Cube Chamber Inside of the Mothership with Kevins - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.png A Hangar above Abduction Chamber housing the power source of the ship, The Cubes.

The Experiment

The Experiment

When Abducted, the Mothership conducts an experiment which contains segments of abducted POIs such as Slurpy Swamp. The Alien Knockgun Launcher is given to each abductee to knockback each player from reaching a Vault Orb. Each player has 60-90 Seconds, depending on gamemode, to complete the course but Time Orbs can prolong (extend the duration of ) their experience by 5 Seconds. Each Vault Orb increases the rarity of the vault the player accesses at the end of the course. The Vault Rarites range from Common to Legendary. The Player has 20 Seconds to loot until the Mothership brings them back to the island through its doors or teleportation.

Loot Pool


Chapter 2: Season 7

Week 1

The Spire Destruction

The Mothership was first shown hovering above the island, accompanied by several saucers. The inhabitants of Apollo attempted to communicate with the aliens but they, in response, used The Mothership’s technology to rip out The Spire and obliterate it, turning its chromium into glowing pink rocks. Currently, it is shown to have moved away from the centre of the island but still hovering above standing by.

C2S7 Week 2 Legendary Quests - Promo - Fortnite.png

Week 2

  • The Mothership moves a little bit.
  • Update v17.10: It deploys its Abductors across random POIs. These abductors abduct players for experiments.

Mothership patrolling

Week 3-7

Week 8

Slurpy Abduction

  • July 31th: The Mothership has exited its Patrol Phase and quickly moves toward the center of the island.
  • August 1st: It begins to go North-West, towards Coral Castle.
  • August 2nd: It went South, back to Slurpy Swamp.

Week 9

  • August 3rd: Slurpy Swamp was beginning to be abducted in chunks by The Mothership and was now partially floating in a low-gravity tractor beam.
  • August 5th: Slurp Factory rose up South-West.
  • August 7th: Slurp Factory rotated.

Week 10

  • August 10th: Slurp Factory has been fully abducted into the Mothership Experiment. The main hatch has been closed. Butter Barn, Sunny Steps, Lucky Landing and Lazy Lagoon disappeared from the Experiment.
  • August 11th: It begins to go North-East, towards an IO Base, Corny Complex.
  • August 13th: It went West.

Coral Abduction

Week 12

  • August 24th: The Mothership abducts Coral Castle and its main hatch closes. Slurp Factory was removed from the Experiment.

Week 13

Corny Abduction

  • September 2nd: It begins to go North, towards Corny Complex.
  • September 5th: It arrives above Corny Complex. perfectly centered above Operation: Sky Fire countdown.
    • 2 PM ET: The Mothership opens its main hatch.
  • September 6th: Corny Complex was beginning to be abducted in chunks by The Mothership and was now partially floating in a low-gravity tractor beam. Multiple Countermeasure Devices (bombs) are attached to the floating chunks.

Week 14

A Cube Chamber

Mothership's Power Source

Sky Fire

  • September 12th: Operation: Sky Fire takes place. Corny Complex was completely abducted into The Mothership, along with the Loopers, who wear special backpacks needed to arm the bombs within the ship so that they can bypass a possible scan at entry. Inside, Doctor Slone navigates the Loopers through corridors, walkways, and transport tubes until they reach a large room containing The Cube. Shocked, Doctor Slone thought that The Cube was “destroyed for good” during Chapter 1: Season 6. The Cube reacts angrily to the presence of the Loopers and retaliates with its purple electricity. Slone weaponizes their backpacks and 'hacks' the cube, shutting it down. After arming the bombs, Slone tells the Loopers that The Cube is too dangerous to end up on the map again, and betrays them by sealing the Loopers with it. However, the Loopers each press their hand against The Cube, rebooting it, although it somehow reactivates with a blue colour instead of the usual purple. The room currently hosting The Cube then begins rising up like an elevator, entering a giant chamber dedicated to storing hundreds of purple cubes. Several seconds later, the bombs explode, destroying The Mothership. The Loopers that survived the blast plummet to their eliminations as debris and cubes and Mothership parts rain down and devastate the island.
The Island being flipped - The End Event - Fortnite.jpg

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • During The End Event, The Cube Queen opens a rift to The Last Reality, where countless golden Motherships are waiting. Dozens of golden Abductors and Saucers are deployed, swarming the island. The Seven flips the Island to stop them from coming through the rift, putting an end to their invasion temporarily.

Map Movement

Week 8-14

Week 1-7


Description Audio
Loop (During Experiment)
Ambient 1
Small Hatches Opening 1
Experiment Alarm
Experiment Super Sonic Boom 1
Experiment End
Main Hatch Opening 2D
Active Perimeter
Abduction Ambient
Abduction Hatch Ambient
Corny Complex Abduction



Operation: Sky Fire

The Experiment


  • Despite the interior of The Mothership's Experiment area constantly changing appearance, the locations that used to be there are nowhere to be found, despite many of them likely having been abducted in the past.
  • There is a rare occurrence/bug where multiple Vault Orbs may spawn on top of one another in The Experiment.
  • It glows when above The Storm.
  • It makes loud noises during the Experiment.
  • The break in days between map updates does not indicate missed captures of map changes - The Mothership only moves every few days on the map; the images depicting this only note the differences.
    • As an example, the map had changed on July 9th, 2021. The closest image to that date would be the 10th. Both maps were the same, despite only one date being shown. This train of thought follows similarly with other dates.