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The Office is an office owned and operated by the Imagined Order. It appeared in The Device and The Devourer of Worlds event. John Jones was last seen there before the events of Chapter 2: Season 5.

During The Device Event, players were teleported here three times for three "cutscenes". They were able to move around while there, and heard voicelines from John Jones and a person called Janice.
Additionally, three files could be seen on the desk labelled "Top Secret" with pictures of Midas, Jules and Lynx.

The Chapter 2: Season 5 cinematic brings us back to The Office, where we see IO Guards scrambling as the gorund shakes. John Jones picks up a phone call and is ordered to enter the Loop. He opens a door with a mysterious yellow warning sign on it, and we discover a massive room with strange technology ressembling The Cube that forms a circle arround a big hole. John Jones activates the machine and is sucked into what seems to be the Zero Point, thus arriving on the map.


  • John Wick was used as a template for the workers seen in the background of the office.
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