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The Orchard was a Landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It consists of a farmer's market, a field of trees, a house, and several small farm installations. It was located North of Frenzy Farm. The Orchard was crushed (along with Frenzy Farm) by Upstate NY and Stark Industries in C2S4. It was added back in Chapter 2: Season 5, right next to the Pizza Pit.


Chapter 2: Season 1

  • The Orchard was added replacing Pressure Plant.

Chapter 2: Season 3

  • The Orchard was nearly flooded.

Chapter 2: Season 4

  • The Orchard was crushed by Upstate New York.

Chapter 2: Season 5

  • The Orchard returned and covered in sand.
  • A Gas Station from Tomato Town was added replacing the road.

Chapter 2: Season 6

  • The Orchard was reverted and nearly caught in the Primal Area.

Chapter 2: Season 7

  • The Primal Area was reverted.

The End

  • The Orchard has been Destroyed flipped and Submerged