Her allegiance is unknown.
— In-game Description

The Paradigm is a Rare Outfit in Fortnite that can be obtained by purchasing for 1,200 V-bucks in the Battle Royale Item Shop. She is also a Limited Time Outfit exclusive to The End Event.

Cosmetic review

The Paradigm is another Visitor outfit but this time a female version. This Outfit shares many similarities to multiple outfits with the color schemes being similar to The Visitor, the headpiece model similar to Rox and the body model suit similar to Singularity. She also has a mounted blade on her right arm similar to all the other members of the The Seven.


To view the entire lore of the Seven, visit the Lore section of The Seven's page. 

The Paradigm is one of the seven Visitors, whose goal was to either contain or destroy the Zero Point, fixing time, reality, and the entirety of the Fortnite planet. According to some theorists, Singularity may be her secret identity, and she intentionally released the Zero Point to begin The Seven's ultimate Plan.

After abolishing the island and the Zero Point, she and the Seven were helped out by the E.G.O., and sent them to watch the new map.


  • This Outfit shares many similarities with the Outfit The Visitor, due to being his interdimensional counterpart, and also shares some similarities with the Outfit Singularity.
  • The Paradigm is a part of the The Seven set which includes The Scientist Outfit, The Visitor Outfit, the Star Surge Back Bling, and the Offworld Rig Back Bling.
  • The Paradigm is the first “The Seven” skin to come out in the Item Shop and the third Visitor Outfit to come out.
  • The Paradigm has one style: White.
  • The Paradigm is one of the last two new Item Shop Outfits to be released in Fortnite Season X, the other being the Starlie outfit.
  • She is the only Female member of The Seven so far.


The Paradigm White style

White Style

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