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Disambig-icon.pngFor the article on the the previous version of this location of the same name, please see The Convergence

The Pyramid was a named location in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was added in Update v18.40, and replaced The Convergence.


The Pyramid was a gigantic Rift Beacon pyramid made out of Cubes in the middle of the Island with a corrupted biome spreading from it. There were four support structures that make up the pyramid. In the center of the structure was The Cube Queen standing over her Golden Cube at the top of the pyramid structure. There were Cubes that retain their form, players could stand on their top and they are launched into the air. Below the structure was a pool of water from The Aftermath that has turned purple and became bouncy as a result from The Cube, similar to Loot Lake at the end of Season 5.


Chapter 2: Season 8

  • Update v18.40: Added The Pyramid.
    • November 19th, 2021: The Sideways Corruption expands subtly near Risky Reels.
    • November 20th, 2021: Sideways Corruption expands once again, corrupting a Bridge.
    • November 21st, 2021: Sideways Corruption expands, expanding into the Gas Station at Boney Burbs, taking Dusted Depot and moving much further east.
    • November 22, 2021: The Sideways Corruption expands further, starting to enter Risky Reels and going further east in some areas.
    • November 23, 2021: The Sideways Corruption expands, taking all of Risky Reels with it as well as some of Boney Burbs and Corny Crops. Weeping Woods, Defiant Dish, and Gas N' Grub are all right next to the corruption zone now.
    • November 25, 2021: The Sideways Corruption expands yet again, going towards Pleasant Park, corrupting more than half of Boney Burbs, Gas N' Grub, half of Gorgeous Gorge, a tiny bit of Corny Crops, and a tiny bit of Weeping Woods. Defiant Dish and Primal Pond are likely to corrupt next.
    • November 26, 2021: Slight expansion in every direction. Corny Crops, Boney Burbs, and Gorgeous Gorge are now mostly or fully corrupted.
    • November 27, 2021: Corny Crops is mostly corrupt. The corruption has spread onto Boney Burbs, Gorgeous Gorge and Primal Pond. Defiant Dish is fully surrounded by corruption biome, but remains unaffected. The Corruption is beginning to enter Pleasant Park and subtly expands into Weeping Woods.
    • November 28, 2021: Cube Corruption spread further towards Lazy Lake, circumventing Defiant Dish and Sheriff's Office. Corny Crops is almost fully corrupt. Weeping Woods remains mostly unaffected. Base Rio and the surrounding area has been corrupted.
    • November 29, 2021: The Corruption has reached the north shore of Lazy Lake (water body), multiple Crash Site corruption areas, Blue Steel Bridge, Green Steel Bridge; corrupted more of Corny Crops, and is approaching Lazy Lake (POI).
    • November 30, 2021: Corruption has spread in all directions and covered the entirety of the Orchard, Stumpy Ridge and Corny Crops.
    • December 1, 2021: The Sideways Corruption approached Steel Farm Gas Station and is slowly covering Weeping Woods.
    • December 2, 2021: The Corruption has spread through most of Weeping Woods and has began to corrupt the area around Hydro 16, more of the lake near Misty Meadows has been corrupted.
    • December 4, 2021: During The End event, The Cube Queen uses the Pyramid to open a huge Rift to The Last Reality.

Chapter 3: Season 1


  • The Pyramid is the 4th and final phase of The Convergence.
  • If a player looks at The Cube Queen, she will emit destabilization sounds.
  • The Bases of The Pyramid are arrows, hinting at the Sideways Corruption expanding.
  • The Pyramid is the 11th and final version of Eye Land.
  • The Pyramid was the last Named Location to be added in Chapter 2.