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His mission is unknown.
— In-Game Description

The Scientist is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that could be unlocked by completing all the A Meteoric Rise Missions Challenges during the Season X Battle Pass. He is part of the The Seven Set.

Selectable Styles

Default White
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Scientist (White) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Head Display
Default Crosshair
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Scientist (Crosshair) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Dancer Glitch
The Scientist (Danger) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Scientist (Glitch) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Scientist (Smile) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Characters Reaction

Speech - Icon - Fortnite.png Character's special dialogues for player wearing The Scientist outfit.

Chapter 3: Season 3

The Foundation: I haven't had the time to read your latest study.
The Paradigm: If you're saying something's up, I believe you.
The Origin: You were right about her. I'm sorry.
The Visitor: Did the Origin apologize?
The Imagined: Maybe we should team up more often.

Chapter 3: Season 2

The Foundation: I know you believe in the Paradigm. Others... Disagree.
The Origin: I told you. You're not getting the device back.
The Visitor: I'm staying out of your fight with the Origin.
The Imagined: I'm going to help you bring her home.


  • The Scientist's ID is CID_540_Athena_Commando_M_MeteorManRemix.
  • A secret style for The Scientist was available if the player interacted with a computer in Dusty Depot.
  • When the Scientist first came out, he could be unlocked for free without owning the Battle Pass. This glitch was patched a day after it's release. Epic Games didn't revoke the outfit if you did the challenges and didn't own the Battle Pass.
  • Although he's a Remixed version of Visitor, in lore he's a completely different character with a different voice and personality.
  • He was originally voiced by JB Blanc in Season X before Epic Games replaced him with Joel Mchale for Chapter 3: Season 1.
  • Unlike other members of The Seven, He, The Paradigm and The Visitor are the only members that don't have "One of The Seven" in their Outfit description



Things are peaceful. In the Scientist's opinion, maybe a little TOO peaceful. He's just gonna double-check his Zero Point physics calculations real quick. Don't worry about it.
Character Collection Book

He's an engineer, a timeless style maven, and a celebrated writer of his own bios. But no accomplishment will feel better than his next to-do list entry: bringing the Paradigm home.
Character Collection Book

It's hard to say what people admire most about the Scientist: his brilliant engineer's mind, his dashing good looks, or how skillfully he writes his own bios.
Character Collection Book

The Scientist is a Character in Chapter 3: Season 3 and was one in Chapter 3: Season 2 and Chapter 3: Season 1. The Scientist spawns at Synapse Station and previously at the Sanctuary in Chapter 3: Season 1.


Chapter 3: Season 2

The Scientist
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

You still working for the blue guy?

Legendary Buy Jetpack (After Content Update v20.10)
Jetpack - Item - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

You'll like this.

Epic Buy Shockwave Grenade (Before Content Update v20.10)
Shockwave Grenade - Item - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

You'll like this.

Exotic Buy Storm Scout
Storm Scout - Weapon - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

Watch the storm.

Reveal Future Storm Circle
Reveal Future Storm Circle - Icon - Fortnite.png
Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

You... want me to check the weather?

Chapter 3: Season 1

The Scientist
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Lookin' sharp, Muscles.

Reveal Future Storm Circle
Reveal Future Storm Circle - Icon - Fortnite.png
Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

Yeah, I can see the future.

Exotic Buy Boom Sniper Rifle (After Update v19.10)
Boom Sniper Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png
I refurbished these for you.

Exotic Buy Hop Rock Dualies (Before Update v19.10)
Dual Pistol - Weapon - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png
I refurbished these for you.

Chapter 3: Season 3

First encounter
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

What's gone wrong now?

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Foundation
The Foundation - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Please don't ask me to fix the monument again.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Paradigm
The Paradigm - Outfit - Fortnite.png
These calculations aren't looking good.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Origin
The Origin (Armored) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Our next threat won't be flying in on an airship.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Visitor
The Visitor (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
So you're thinking of settling down? I hear Sleepy's nice.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Imagined
The Imagined - Outfit - Fortnite.png
I owe you one for bringing her back.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Order
The Order - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Aah! Don't sneak up on me like that!

Chapter 3: Season 2

First encounter
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

So... The Origin commandeered my device.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Imagined
The Imagined - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Were you able to intercept the signal?

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Origin
The Origin (Armored) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
You're wrong about her. The Paradigm is our only hope.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Paradigm
The Paradigm - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Is it really you? You look... I mean, Uh. Good to see you.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Visitor
The Visitor (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
You and I both know we're not the Seven without our seventh member.

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Foundation
The Foundation - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Your tactician is being a little... grudge-y, don't you think?

Chapter 3: Season 1

First encounter
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Oh hey, it's you! I know you!

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Foundation
The Foundation - Outfit - Fortnite.png
So about that statue... I'm assuming mine is still in the mail?

Outfit Reaction
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Paradigm
The Paradigm - Outfit - Fortnite.png
You're back?! We have so much to discuss!

Assassin Unknown - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
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A real scientist never admits when things aren't looking good. They just say, "Huh, that's different," and quietly retreat to their lab to try and fix it. So… Huh, that's different.
— The Scientist

The Scientist is the engineer of The Seven, who is a self proclaimed "brilliant engineer, eccentric and sarcastic mastermind" He also refers to himself as the "handsomest member of The Seven".

Suit Abilities


Season X

He arrives at Athena by meteor, frozen in time above Dusty Depot. He creates several Rift Beacons around the map one at a time, swapping areas for alternate reality counterparts. He eventually started work on a rocket, which he would eventually use to contain the Zero Point and save The Bridge during The End live event.

The End (Chapter 2)

The Scientist arrives at Apollo with The Visitor during the attack on The Last Reality, The Visitor covers him as he opens the Guava Fort Bunker to evacuate the Loopers, once done the Scientist tells to The Visitor to go on the "other side". He later accompanies the Loopers inside The Bridge to join The Foundation and Jones, however after joining them they are attacked by a Caretaker which caused the room to flood. The Scientist then made his way to Artemis.

Chapter 3: Season 1

The Scientist arrives on the Island as a Character, and also has quests for the player to complete. In these quests, he employs the help of The Looper for various tasks such as spying on the colony of Jonsey snapshots and destroying signal jammers put there by someone working against the Seven.

Audio logs made by the Scientist can be found detailing the Seven's relationship with The Paradigm. Throughout the weeks, we hear the Scientist's messages to the Paradigm, and the process of getting her to return to the Island.

Chapter 3: Season 2

As the war with the Imagined Order breaks loose, The Scientist begins upgrading all the Battle Buses he can get a hold of, currently working on one in Synapse Station. He is secretly working with The Imagined and The Paradigm.


Visitor Tapes (Season X)

Audio Dialogue
What the Seven of us are attempting is very risky. I suspect They are not the only ones watching. But it must be done or we lose the Bridge forever.
I speculate that no one calculated the formation of the island. That interdimensional matter collisions would resolve rather than push. Now that I witness it first hand, it's obvious that pinching alone made it inevitable.
When I hear this again, will it help me remember? Or once Looped will I be just as muted as the others? No matter - it seems the lengthy precautions worked.
The (unintelligible) theorom was a success! I... us... you arrived outside the loop at the exact moment of expansion. This effectively paused the singularity, giving us time to create the devices needed to synchronize the Junction.
What I didn't factor is that the only way to trigger the device was from within the Loop itself. Thus this hasty and primitive recording. And why now you... I find myself Looped.
Activate the beacon at precisely the moment this timer reaches nothing. The Zero Point must be contained once more. If They are correct, it will be the end.

The End (Chapter 2)

Audio Subtitle
Everyone follow me to the bridge. We'll be safe there.
It's fun to run for your life, huh? Great cardio.
Let me get the door.
Alright, let's move, everyone.
(heavy exhale) This is nuts!
Don't worry, guys. I'll move the bus (straining) by myself... ungh!
It's right up here, and I will give you a water break soon.
Heads up!
I know another way.
What a day, am I right?
Careful! Edges are hot.
This is the epicenter of the Island, you guys. We're safe here.
The surface is lost, but we should be safe here.
It'll hold.
It's rated for a thousand times atmospheric pressure.

Audio Log (Chapter 3 Season 1)

Audio Subtitle
Paradigm. Uh, it's me. I'm-- I'm guessing you heard what happened.
Obviously we had more ambitious goals than simply flipping the Island.
That was just one step in a scrupulously planned attack that would've reduced the Imagined Order to a smoking crater, to put it mildly,
But, the reality left us exposed and overextended.
If-- if they manage a counter attack before we recover, it’s over. All of it.
Look, I know our history is... complicated... but I want you to know I never lost faith in you.
Okay, I did. But only for five minutes, maybe. Maybe a few weeks, tops. Uh...
It's hard to believe that someone who went through what you went through would hold the line...
But I-- I know you did. (sighs)
So we really do not deserve your help right now, not at all, but we need it.
Audio Subtitle
This is the Scientist broadcasting on The Seven secure channel. At oh-four-hundred hours, we received a ping from The Paradigm.
Still need to confirm authenticity and verify that we're not being hacked, spoofed, tricked, or otherwise deceived,
But I believe it's the real deal.
I know that among our ranks there are still some mixed feelings about The Paradigm
But for the sake of survival we need to think of her as an ally.
We are The Seven. We have a duty to rise above grudges and petty disagreements for the greater good.
And yes, Foundation, I'm looking at you. I can see your face through that mask.
Regardless of the past, there is no future without her.
Audio Subtitle
Hey, uh, Paradigm. Uh, it will not surprise you to learn that you remain public enemy number one for The Seven.
I-- I’m trying to convince them to welcome you back with open arms, but I can't promise that it’ll be a cakewalk if you come back.
I'll do what I can...
And this time, I'll have your back no matter what.
Like I should've the first time.
Audio Subtitle
Hey, Paradigm. So, um, so far I have refrained from laying a guilt trip on you like my mom used to do, which you should appreciate,
Or should have appreciated, because those days are over.
We have reports of seismological disturbances from the underside of the Island.
That leads me to believe that the Imagined Order are not only active, they're gathering forces.
The Imagined Order is playing with a fire that will consume every world we know, and every world we've yet to discover.
So, hurry home... while we still have one.
Audio Subtitle
This is The Scientist broadcasting on The Seven secure channel. How's everybody doing out there?
Paradigm has accessed her navigational accounts and appears to be preparing for a long journey.
It is impossible to know her intentions, but I strongly suggest we prioritize all Paradigm-related engineering.
Audio Subtitle
Greetings unauthorized trespasser.
It's come to my attention that you are intercepting sensitive communications meant only for The Seven and our allies.
A crime which you will now pay for with your life.
I'm kidding.
It's actually good for you and The Loopers to understand the gravity of the situation.
We stand on the brink of annihilation, to put it lightly.
Not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon we will be at war with the Imagined Order.
The Seven will lead the way, and it is my sincere hope that you will follow us into battle.
When that day comes.
But today, is not that day.
Today we have peace. I suggest you enjoy it while you can.
Learn everything you can about the Island.
Gather your allies.
And stand ready.
Audio Subtitle
Paradigm, it's me again. Uh, this is my final message.
Everything, and I mean everything, depends on you now.
You've always been so much more than just our pilot.
In our darkest days, you brought us hope.
You brought us together.
And after everything you've been through, I wish we didn't need you to suit up again.
But we do. We really do.
All reality is yours to save... You know, that's it! Just all reality.
You just need to come home.

Chapter 3: Season 1 Quests

Discover The Device

Audio Subtitle
Hey! Scientist here.
Am I the smartest, handsomest member of The Seven? A lot of people say "yes."
With the best hair? Don't answer that.
Hold onto this device.
As we prepare our battle plan, we’ll have work for you.

Place Surveillance Cameras

Audio Subtitle
You may have noticed the... big guy’s new statue.
No comment, by the way, but they definitely hired someone on discount.
I need you to figure out who keeps vandalizing it.
I suspect Loopers.
Specifically, the big banana guys.

Audio Subtitle
Thank you. Very thoughtful for angling this camera at banana height.
Oh man, look at that juicy lens flare.

Drop off Supplies

Audio Subtitle
You know the blonde dingdong in the suit, “Agent Jones”?
Well, there’s more of him.
And they’ve started their own society of dorks.
So, how 'bout bring them some supplies as a peace offering...
And then scout their camp to assess the threat level.

Audio Subtitle
Well look at that! A little drawing of Slone!
And The Foundation!
With knives pointing at them!
It's probably nothing...
Oh! Here’s what we’re looking for!
A declaration of independence.
They won’t fight for anyone anymore.
So it seems like they’re disgruntled about being made to fight in a neverending loop. I get that.
I've got an idea. Let's buy their loyalty.

Destroy Signal Jammers

Audio Subtitle
So, hey! We left some "wartime essentials" in the ol' endless void of space...
So we’re launching a retrieval rocket.
Problem is, somebody really doesn’t want us to do that.
I have my suspicions about who that "someone" might be.
Destroy all three signal jammers.

Audio Subtitle
I'm just kidding.
I knew I could trust you to destroy priceless scientific equipment. (whispering) I'll send you the bill.
Nice work.
Hey, if we find what we’re looking for up there...
I’ll ask them to bring you a little space rock as a treat.

Collect readings from Seismometers

Audio Subtitle
I’ve detected some unusual seismic activity.
Maybe the Island has a nervous stomach after its little gymnastics routine.
Or maybe it’s something worse.
Would you mind hiking up those perilous, deadly mountains?
I need you to check on my seismometers.

Audio Subtitle
Hey, do you mind making your heart beat a little quieter?
It's kind of muddling my scan.
I got my data, and you got your steps in. Win-win.
A real scientist never admits when things aren’t looking good.
They just say, “Huh, that’s different,” and quietly retreat to their lab to try and fix it.
So… Huh, that’s different.

Destroy and collect telescope parts

Audio Subtitle
So, our first rocket recon mission failed.
But you know what they say...
When one launchpad door closes, another one opens.
...and behind that door, there’s a bigger rocket with more telescope parts in it.
Which you will go and source for me.
Right now.
This is very exciting for you.

Audio Subtitle
This’ll really improve focusing power. Plus I can paint some racing stripes on it. I mean, not me. I know a guy.
Watch out, guidance sensors! You're about to get a brand new internal magnet system. You're welcome.
Ugh. I love telescopes.
I wish I had forever to build this one.
But, you know, impending doom and all.

Eliminate an IO operative to collect a data card

Audio Subtitle
The enemy has recruited new spies, and I’d like to know who they are.
The Imagined Order Guard suits are programmed to recognize friendly agents.
So... Um...
Could you, if you would, gently, softly, and permanently eliminate one of them? Thank you.
Bring the suit’s keycard to me, and we’ll pretend this never happened.

Audio Subtitle
That’s the keycard.
Quick, run away from your problems!
Well the good news is you’re not on the list!
I will now reward your loyalty by disappearing into my lab to do more important work.

Destroy IO Equipment to collect Electronic Parts

Audio Subtitle
So, the rocket… It failed again.
I optimized the navigational algorithm myself, so it wasn’t a design problem. Don't point the fingers at me.
The Imagined Order sabotaged us, and I’d like to know how.
Disassemble their tech and bring the pieces to me.
I’ll reverse engineer a solution.
I'm, like, super smart.

Audio Subtitle
Wow, thank you. This should be more than enough for me to study.
Hey, any interest in being lightly electrocuted for research?
...It’s okay, I got a guy.

Plant explosives near giant drills

Audio Subtitle
I know what you’re thinking.
"Oh, great and powerful Scientist..."
"Why haven't you done anything about the drills all over the place?"
Well, those drills were too small to be causing our seismic complications.
But things are more tectonically precarious now.
So I need you to destroy them for the safety of the Island.

Audio Subtitle
Ugh, a quad-core plasma engine? What is this, nineteen eighty-two?
Hopefully the Island will stabilize.
Until then, let’s refrain from messing with anything.
No drilling, or digging, or planting flowers, and please don't litter.

Find and protect The Black Box until the message is decrypted

Audio Subtitle
Rocket Launch 3 was a success!
I did it!
...With your help.
Tiny snag...
A...colleague embedded a secret message for me in the black box.
Which would be fine, except the black box fell off.

Audio Subtitle
(relieved sigh) She’s okay.
If this message is accurate, I’m gonna need your help again like very, very soon.

Plant Space Rocks to help The Paradigm identify dead drops

Audio Subtitle
So remember that message from the rocket’s black box?
It was from Paradigm.
If we’re going to pull this off, we’re really gonna need her help.
Well... I'm gonna need her help.
I’ve set up dead drops for her around the Island.
Your mission is to mark them with space rocks so she can find them.

Audio Subtitle
Nice rock placement. Very natural.
She’ll be able to tell the difference from all the other rocks, right?
(to self) ...If I can coax her out of hiding…
Oh, you're done!
Great. Hey, keep a space rock on me. Thanks very much.
(to self) ...She'll have to rewire it...

Vibin' Quests (Chapter 3: Season 3)

Part 1

Collect food consumables for the party!
Audio Subtitle
So you freed the Zero Point. That's great! Or, you know, maybe it has a horrifying unintended consequence. It could go either way!
It's probably the first thing. Which reminds me - we should celebrate our decisive victory with a party.
You get to the venue while I do some back-of-the-napkin astrophysics. Just to be sure our doom is no longer impending.
Wow, the setup crew did not do their jobs.
Interact with party poppers in the Rave Cave
Audio Subtitle
Hey, can you finish this? I don't really host parties. I'm more of an "esteemed guest of honor" type of guy.
Well, they didn't forget the party poppers! These things are the worst. But they're very effective at getting a party started.
Why don't you guys set 'em off while I run these numbers again, because that cannot be right.
Oh! These things are kinda fun when you're the popper instead of the poppee.
Huh. Maybe I would have liked these at my birthday after all.
Enjoy the party, my favorite, and only surviving, research assistant...
Because after this we're going to need to look into a few things, so... don't drink too much.
Destroy objects at old IO Outposts
Audio Subtitle
I'm getting complaints from Loopers about the old Imagined Order junk all over the place.
I'm very busy with the very scary theoretical modelling, and I'm trusting you to handle this.
Ugh, this is gonna take forever. And I have way more important things I need you to work on right now.
Spray peace sprays on structures at old IO Outposts
Audio Subtitle
We need a simple, fast solution. Something anybody could do, even Peely...
Got it. Turn this pile of junk into a modern art installation.
Wow, is that a neo-dadaist intepretation of the Fluxus movement?
Because it's hideous! But a different type of hideous than it was before, so... mission accomplished.
Collect a Reality Seed from a Reality Seed Pod
Audio Subtitle
Look, I loved saving reality as much as the next guy,
But if I had known it would eventually lead to me studying plants like some Punnett-squaring seed freak,
I woulda weighed my pros and cons a little longer. But here we are.
(sigh) So, can you find a seed for me? I need to run some tests.
Take a Reality Seed to 3 Named Locations
Audio Subtitle
(to self) Can't believe I'm about to participate in this joke science.
Maybe it reacts to different biomes? Plants do that, right?
Plant or transplant a Reality Seed
Audio Subtitle
Throw the seed for me. It should either take root, or open a rift, or destroy time. It's hard to say.
Now, we play the waiting game. And the watering game. And the pruning game... It's all the plant games.

Part 2

Scan the Reality Tree
Audio Subtitle
First thing's first: everything is fine. And you should not tell anyone otherwise.
I'm definitely not concerned about the sudden explosion of biodiverse flora across the Island.
I'm sending you out to get these energy scans of the Reality Tree just for fun. Got it? It's fun!
Well that's a LOT of Zero Point energy.
Scan the root between the Reality Tree and the Reality Bloom
Audio Subtitle
And the roots... are... pulsating ominously. (laughs sheepishly). It's cool...
Wow. That's... That's normal. Right? It's normal.
Scan the Reality Bloom
Audio Subtitle
Grab another scan for me, please? I'm training a new AI and she might want some data to crunch on as a snack.
This is fine.
The Zero Point is just... doing it's thang. What thang is that exactly? Why am I not saying "thing" instead of "thang"? Look, it's a secret.
I can't get over how normal my stress level is feeling right now!

Harvest Fruit from Reality Saplings
Audio Subtitle
It's time to root around in the dirt like a loam-loving gardenmonger. AGAIN.
Well, turns out if you take care of these things, they grow!
I need to talk to someone. Someone who speaks plant.
Acquire Bushranger seed from mysterious bloom and bring it to the Reality Tree
Audio Subtitle
I have a plan to get us a man on the inside of all of this Reality Tree Zero Point stuff.
You've met Bushranger, right? Plant guy, struggles with grammar, willing to sign any release form I give him?
I secured permission to take a clipping, maybe a fingernail, of his newest form to the Reality Tree... Just to see what happens.
Bring Bushranger to Reality Tree
Audio Subtitle
Oh, if you wouldn't mind, could you take our brave volunteer to the big scary tree radiating Zero Point energy?
Okay Bushy, I need you to start keeping a sleep journal, food journal, dream journal... maybe a vision board?
Oh, you did. Let's see what you've got. (reading) "Darknessdarkness big scary." Huh.

Interact with Zero Point Scanning Devices
Audio Subtitle
Hey, you wanna help me grab some Zero Point energy readings? I could use a sounding board.
So the Zero Point energy across the Island is... Unprecedented.
Best case scenario, I publish a brilliant paper and get a ton of awards.
Worst case scenario... Well, you can guess.
I feel like the Zero Point is trying to tell us something.
And if I don't figure it out in time... Who will?
I'm beginning to think that maybe freeing the Zero Point was a mistake.
I thought I had all this math right. But clearly I missed something.
Ultimately, if something goes really, really wrong... It's my fault.

Part 3

Damage opponents using a Star Wars Weapon
Audio Subtitle
THE SCIENTIST: Uh, I've got some great news. The Reality Tree is barfing up weird weapons I don't understand.
So, should we... try 'em out? Mostly for scientific research. But also, you know, they're weapons and we're here and they're here. So, why not?
THE SCIENTIST: You still have all the body parts you had before?
Good, 'cause some of these things look like they could take a hand off.
Plant Listening Devices at Imperial Docking Bays
Audio Subtitle
THE SCIENTIST: Uh, we've got some visitors. Foundation calls them "Stormtroopers." I call them... also Stormtroopers.
I'm too busy to hand out nicknames for free.
I'd like to find out why these guys are here. I suspect it's related to the Zero Point's ongoing... freedom issues.
THE SCIENTIST: It sounds like the Zero Point brought an ultra-powerful Relic from their reality to the Island.

Part 4

Visit Beach Bash where the Sith Holocron washed up
Audio Subtitle
THE SCIENTIST: Guess where the Relic was? And if you say "the last place you looked," I will be forced to electrocute you. Yep. That's just how it goes.
It was in the ocean, but given our seasonal currents, it's washed up on shore by now. So go get it, champ!
THE SCIENTIST: It's gone? Ugh, of course it is.
Well, my dozens of '--ometers' can't be wrong, so that means somebody took it.
THE SCIENTIST: Looks like a clue to me. Why don't you grab it?
THE SCIENTIST: I'm getting more questions than answers.
THE SCIENTIST: Alright, I've seen enough.
I'm gonna go pay a visit to that coaster jockey. This seems like his kinda thing.
Pry open shipping boxes to find the Sith Holocron
Audio Subtitle
THE SCIENTIST: Amie, where are you? What was that?!
THE SCIENTIST: (a little flustered) I.. Uh... Thank you. What? No. Wai-- Aren't you supposed to be charging?

Part 5

Dig up dirt piles to find the Relic Shard
Audio Subtitle
THE SCIENTIST: Thank you for helping Amie secure that Relic. She's great, right?
I mean, extremely intense, and she won't stop calling me "daddy," but you know... she's still in beta.
So anyway, I found another Relic. This one's broken into three pieces at the temple.
I'm sending you and Amie to look into it. And maybe you could take her out for an ice cream or something.
Combine the Relic Shards in the main chamber at Shuffled Shrines
Audio Subtitle
THE SCIENTIST: Amie tells me you attuned all three shards.
Somebody's been reading the Shardonomicon. (beat) I mean, probably her. But somebody's been reading it.
Go to the temple's main chamber. It should have somewhere to combine these shards.
THE SCIENTIST: There it is again. Another Zero Point energy shockwave. Magnitude 7.2!
The Zero Point has gotta be bringing these Relics here because it wants us to have them, right?
And, uh, you didn't hear this from me, but since we're almost-friends... Now is the time to be worried.