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Our goal is to stop The Order, liberate The Zero Point, and destroy The Loop.
— The Foundation

The Seven are a group of sentient beings trying to stop the IO from abusing the Zero Point in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Seven likely consists of seven individual members while only 4 have been revealed.


The Seven first appeared in Battle Royale with the end of Season 3. But it was not known to be related to the Seven, until the start of the next Season. The Seven have made prominent appearances in Season 4, Season X, Chapter 2: Season 6, Chapter 2: Season 8, and Chapter 3: Season 1. There are likely Seven members, hence the name, with four currently known, and three unknown. The Seven are theorized to be the same individual, but from different reality. As to what is known about them, Their goal is to stop the Order, liberate The Zero Point and destroy The Loop.

Locations, Members and Technology


Location Name and Image Information
Spawn Island
Spawn Island (Chapter 3 - Season 1) - Location - Fortnite.jpg
Spawn Island but with The Sevens huts all over it.
Sanctuary (Promo) - Landmark - Fortnite.jpg
Actual Base of The Seven, located in Artemis. Totems of every Seven member can be found there.
Mighty Monument
Mighty Monument - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Statue created by The Loopers due to The Foundation saving them.
Launchpad - Landmark - Fortnite.png
A launchpad of which the rockets of The Seven resides.
Seven Outpost I
Seven Outpost II
Seven Outpost III
Seven Outpost V
Seven Outpost IV
Seven Outpost VII
Villain Lair
Villain Lair - Location - Fortnite.jpg
A former movie set used by Omega, taken over by The Visitor to build his rocket.
Dusty Depot
Dusty Depot Buildings - Location - Fortnite.png
A former Depot that was taken over by The Scientist to build his rocket.


Member Name and Icon Information
The Foundation - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Foundation The leader of The Seven. He was called by Agent Jones to fix The Zero Point in the Zero Crisis Finale. He accepted Jones' offer, but in return, Jones has to bring him to "Genō and The Sisters". In the Chapter 2 Finale, he rescued Jones from Doctor Slone and disabled the Gyro System, flipping the Island and causing the start of Chapter 3.
The Visitor (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Visitor An explorer and navigational expert. The first member of The Seven that landed Athena Island by the Capsule inside the Meteor. He made a Rocket inside the Villain Lair and used it to create a Sideways Rift. He also assisted The Scientist during the Chapter 2 Finale.
The Scientist - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Scientist Brilliant engineer and comedian. Self-proclaimed "handsomest of The Seven." Was most active in Season X in which he used the Rift Beacons to change several locations into a chunk of another reality, while also building and launching the rocket used in The End. Also an exercise enthusiast.
The Paradigm - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Paradigm "Ally" of the Seven. Had a complicated history with the Seven that made her untrustworthy.
Mystery Reward - Fortnite.png
"Sister" One of The Sisters. Her mask symbol can be found at Sanctuary.
Mystery Reward - Fortnite.png
"Sister" One of The Sisters. Her mask symbol can be found at Sanctuary.
Mystery Reward - Fortnite.png
"Origin" Unknown. Their mask symbol can be found at Sanctuary.


Member Name and Icon Information
Mystery Reward - Fortnite.png
Seven Sentry The Seven Sentry are a bunch of Loopers The Seven rescued and recruited to fight against The Imagined Order.


Tech Name and Icon Information
The Meteor
The Visitor (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Used as a multipurpose item; Used as a "vehicle", whilst protecting them from the outside forces, which the meteor consumes. It is also used for energy, which is consumable by using a Hop Rock.
Rift Tour - Memory 9 - Fortnite .png
A Rocket was first made by The Visitor to create a Sideways Rift above Athena, and another one was made by The Scientist for The End Event. The rockets are normally used as a device to create rifts manually, possibly by using Hop Rocks.
Rift Beacon
Rift Beacon.jpeg
Beacons built by The Scientist and The Visitor that creates Rift Zones. It seems to be composed of Rocket parts.
Foundation Reboot Vans
Reboot Van (C3S1) - Feature - Fortnite.png
Like the original Reboot Van, in the Sevens Reboot Vans you get rifted out of the vehicle.
Visitor Tapes
Visitor tape.png
These were tapes recorded by The Visitor for himself to remember The Seven's plan.
Seven Railgun
Seven Railgun - Storyline Object - Fortnite.png
Railgun with the abilities to rift people.
The Foundation's MK-Seven Assault Rifle
MK-Seven Assault Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Personal MK-Seven Assault Rifle of The Foundation.
Laser Bomb
Laser Bomb - Storyline Object - Fortnite.png
Bombs used by The Scientist to cut objects or explode.
Portal Device
Foundation Rift Gun - Comic - Fortnite.png
The Foundation's portal device used by Batman to close the Sideways Rift above Metropolis.


Before Chapter 1

The Foundation has been studying The Zero Point and the Omniverse for a very long time.

Season 3

A Meteor is spotted over the island, with its impact zone unknown. Inside is the The Visitor, but this is yet to be revealed until the next season.

Season 4

The Vistor Awaken.

The Meteor strikes the Island, destroying Dusty Depot and creating Dusty Divot. The Visitor, the first member to be revealed, arrives from an unknown world. He came to the island in a metal space capsule embedded within the meteor. Shortly after escaping the capsule in Week 7 of the season. He broke out of the research facility stationed around his landing spot, he went to the Villain Lair near Snobby Shores and used Hop Rocks to modify a movie prop rocket into a functioning vehicle.

Retrofit (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

On June 30th, he launched the Rocket, starting the Blast Off event. During the event, the rocket appeared opened a Rift, sending the rocket into it. The rocket then emerged elsewhere on the map, repeatedly opening rifts until it blasted off into the sky, creating a giant Sideways Rift above the Island.

It was later revealed that this Visitor was actually searching for The Zero Point.

The rocket during the Blastoff event.

Season X

In Season X, after the Zero Point was exposed from the Season 9 Live Event. It caused further destabilization on the Island. As such, a member of the Seven was manipulated by Imagined Order to deal with it. With an alternate reality Meteor sitting stationary above the newly reformed Dusty Depot, The Scientist emerged from inside.

The black hole that consumed the Athena island after the End.

The Scientist worked to create the Rift Beacons, which opened up six rifts in the sky. During this time, the Scientist created several tapes. They were able to be collected and cryptically described his plans and attempts to remember his plan during the Looping process.

In The End event, he launched a second rocket into the sky, making another rift which activated six smaller rifts. Rockets emerged from each rift, and they came together to thaw out The Meteor and divert it into the Zero Point, causing it to create a black hole and to rearrange the island's matter and form the Apollo and Artemis islands.

Chapter 2: Season 5

During the opening cutscene of the Season, John Jones enters The Loop in order to stop anyone escaping it, after the result of the Devourer of Worlds event. The Seven was mentioned by John Jones' boss, Dr Slone, after he rushes off into the Loop. Towards the end of the season, in teaser information, Jones makes attempts to gain information about the Seven in his reality logs. He was unable to obtain it, and so attempted to take it for himself.

Chapter 2: Season 6

The Foundation during the event.

During the Zero Crisis Finale, Jones manages to recruit a member of the Seven into helping him seal the Zero Point. The Foundation answers the call, and is the leader of the Seven. Similar to the Visitor and the Scientist, he arrives in a meteor with a capsule encased inside. After a little bit of convincing from Jones (offering to get The Foundation to Genō, and "The Sisters"), the Foundation helps him to fix the Zero Point. After realizing that the power of the Zero Point is too much because the damage it has taken, the Foundation creates The Spire and requests Jones to overload the Portal Device to have him and the Zero Point with him. Jones does what he says (even though it means that he will be stuck in the loop), and the Zero Point and the Foundation are encased in the Spire successfully.

The Foundation - C2S7 Cinematic - Fortnite.jpg

Chapter 2: Season 7

It was shown that when The Last Reality took The Spire, The Foundation was unsealed and blasted him into a large body of water, (probably the ocean.)

The Foundation Return - Comic - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2: Season 8

The Foundation still under water begins to reactivate, and eventually appears in Gotham Harbor, in Reality NF-1935. The Foundation assists Batman in sealing the rift in Metropolis, and returns to the Island, The Batman Who Laughs manages to go back with him, and becomes trapped in the loop. The Foundation's suit is damaged in the brawl with The Batman Who Laughs, causing him to be unimmune to the loop, but he escapes before the loop starts again. He remembers his goal, and sets off to find Jones.

The End (Chapter 2)

The Foundation breaks into The Bridge and save Agent Jones. Doctor Slone was supprised by this, thinking he had died in the Zero Crisis Finale event during the formation of The Spire. The Foundation then removes his mask, revealing him to be none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself. The Foundation then locked Slone inside the room by punching the door lock.

Jones and The Foundation then head into The Zero Point Chamber. The Foundation reverses the gyroscopic orientation of the Island, while Jones fights off IO Guards. The Scientist and The Visitor, flying over the Island, notice the loopers and bring them to safety inside the hidden bunker near Pleasant Park The Visitor flies off while The Scientist follows the Loopers into the bunker, after blowing up some Caretakers with a bomb.

The Scientist then leads the loopers through the IO's base as the Island begins to horizontally rotate and the Bridge starts to collapse. The players are led to the epicenter of the Island, where they remain until a Caretaker smashes the skylight, causing the looper to emerge in the ocean, far from the Island.

Chapter 3: Season 1

The Island flipped, revealing the Seven's home, Sanctuary. Their flipping of the Island was not only an attempt to stop The Cube Queen, but also to severely cripple IO. The attack also leaves them vulnerable, meaning if IO were to attack, they would be finished. The Scientist, the Visitor, and the Foundation return to the Island and can be found as Characters.

The Scientist attempts to contact the Paradigm, informing her the Seven need her help. He explains that they had more ambitious goals than simply flipping the Island, but also one step in a plan to reduce IO to a "smoking crater." He also explains that they are vulnerable, and if IO were to attack, they would be finished. The Scientist says that their history is "complicated" and that something happened between the Paradigm and the rest of the Seven. He says that they do not deserve her help at all, but they need it.

After sending that message, the Scientist broadcast to the rest of the Seven that they had recieved a ping from the Paradigm, but weren't entirely sure it was her and had to check. He tells the rest of the Seven that they need to think of her as an ally despite what happened, saying that they have a duty to overcome grudges and petty disagrements for the greater good and the sake of survival. He states that despite the past, there is no future without her.

Week 1 Season Quests:

The Scientist employs the help of The Looper for various tasks, starting with collecting a communication device so he can communicate with the Looper. The first task is to spy on the residents of The Joneses. He instructs the Looper to deliver supplies as a gift, but also uses that chance to asses the threat level of their group. The second task is to destroy signal jammers at the rocket launchpad. He tells the looper they left "wartime essentials" in space and need to retrieve it by launching a rocket, but someone is trying to stop them. The third task is to catch whoever is vandalizing Mighty Monument. The Scientist suspects loopers, specificaly Peely´s. He has the Looper set up cameras to catch them.



Visitor voice from Blastoff event

Audio Dialogue
Find Jones.
Jones Knows.
What did you do to the Zero Point?
*forces the zero bloom*
But i might be able to contain the blast!
*in pain*
And you will tell me everything.


The Season 4 Annouce Trailer's leitmotif can be considered the main theme of The Seven.


  • The method of inter-dimensional travel The Seven use appears to be meteors, as in all of their appearances (except for The Paradigm), this is how they have arrived on the island.
  • Eco is a outfit concept created by a member of the community that was intended to be a member of the Seven, the outfit was added to the game files during the Update v16.20 but he is not a member of the Seven. However, he keeps a similar helmet as well as the blade on his forearm that The Visitor, The Scientist and The Paradigm have.
  • Unlike the other members of The Seven, The Paradigm does not have the red distinctive symbol to differentiate herself from the other members of The Seven. The Visitor and The Scientist have their symbol on their shoulders and that of The Foundation is on his cape.
  • The Foundation is currently the only member of The Seven to not have a blade on either of his forearms. Instead, he has bright red symbols akin to those listed in the above bullet. The purpose of these symbols is to be a control panel for his suit.
  • The Foundation's suit protects him from being looped.