The Spire is a Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale, introduced at the start of Chapter 2: Season 6. It replaced The Zero Point.

It is an autumn-themed island with a village and the tower which The Foundation used during the Zero Crisis Finale event to seal The Zero Point and stabilize it.


The Spire is made out of Chromium. It was created by The Foundation to seal The Zero Point and in doing so, unleashed a primal blast across the island. The Spire is protected by The Spire Assassin, a Guardian from a world beyond reality. It is said by Jonesy The First that The Spire can give people special powers, but it can also exploit their weakness.

It is also said that The Spire can corrupt a powerful person like John Jones. Tarana, Raz and Spire Assassin are most likely corrupted due to their Runic and Golden Super Level Styles.

The Spire Assassin spawns here and drops the Mythic Spire Assassin's Recycler.


  • It is the 8th Variation of Eye Land.
  • The Spire contains the Zero Point, encased in the top by The Foundation. It creates an ambient noise when it is approached, as well as emitting a small amount of light.
  • Carrying the orb dropped by a Spire Guard to this location, allows the player to place it in various spots at the base of the spire. This grants the player the Spire Jump Boots.
  • In the Ultimate Jones the Zero Point is seen coming out of the top of the spire.
  • This location has the most chests in Chapter 2: Season 6, and beats the record for most chests of all time, at 50 if all of them spawn, the Previous all time Record was Tilted Towers with 35 chests.


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