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The Storm is a gameplay mechanic in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in the Pre-Season, and is one of the most important elements of the game mode.


The Storm is a large ring which surrounds the map at the beginning of every game. As the game progresses, The Storm will form, and then begin to move, before pausing again and repeating the cycle. Eventually, The Storm closes in on the island completely. The Storm damages players HP, and increases its damage per second as the game goes on.

Below is a table dictating the timing of each Storm circle, and how much damage it deals per second.

  • Grace Period: Time before The Storm begins to move.
  • Shrink Time: Time it takes to reach the indicated smaller size.
  • Damage while shrinking: The damage players take to their HP whilst it is shrinking.
  • Damage after shrinking: The damage players take to their HP whilst it is stationary.
Stage Grace Period Shrink Time Damage while shrinking (DPS) Damage after shrinking (DPS)
1 3:20 4:00 1 1
2 2:00 2:00 1 2
3 1:30 1:30 2 5
4 1:20 1:10 5 8
5 0:50 1:00 8 10
6 0:30 1:00 10 10
7 0:00 0:55 10 10
8 0:00 0:45 10 10
9 0:00 1:15 10 10

Players will always be aware of when and where The Storm is shrinking to. This is indicated by the minimap, which also shows the shortest direct path to be safe from The Storm.

In Arena and Competitive matches, the Storm can move half in the existing Storm Eye and half outside during phase 5. It fully moves in Phases 6, 7, 8, and fully closes in phase 9. In regular playlists, it will just close in on itself into it disappears.

Players can heal in The Storm, and any method of restoring HP will allow the player to survive in it longer.


Shrinking Warning
Shrinking Ambient
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Strategy Guide

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This section outlines a strategy. Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

  • Players can stock up on Healing Items to tank enough damage to withstand the storm. Items such as a Medkit, a Flopper and a Chug Splash are especially useful due to their large healing amounts / quick use.
    • Make sure to use a before medkit 10 ticks of HP will eliminate you. This means in a standard storm for example, players should use a medkit with at least 11 HP, else they will be eliminated by it.
  • Higher DPS storms can be especially effective at eliminating opponents, so items such as the Shockwave Launcher can be used to push players into it, eliminating them. Players even receive credit for this in the Elimination Feed.
  • Items which cause HP damage are especially useful for attacking opponents in the storm, as they will ignore shield and cause players to be eliminated quicker. Good items for this include a Firefly Jar, and Stink Items such as a Stink Bomb or the Primal Stink Bow.



  • Update v1.6: Introduced The Storm alongside the Battle Royale gamemode. The Storm will shrink as the game goes on, dealing increased HP damage to players caught inside of it.

Chapter 2: Season 2

  • Update v12.61: Removed The Storm, instead replacing it with The Wall of Water. Damage values remain the same for it, except players are launched upwards when entering the Wall, rather than staying on the ground unaffected.

Chapter 2: Season 3


  • The Storm damages Animals and other AI, but will not damage Cube Monsters.
  • Players can revive squad members in the storm, and use all items and weapons as normal. The damage it causes does not disrupt these actions.
  • Structures and Vehicles will not take damage in the storm
  • In Fortnite: China, The Storm was known as the Signal Zone. Players did not lose HP out of zone, instead they had a separate 'signal interference' bar. This bar would slowly tick down when out of the Signal Zone, and it could only be recharged when the player is in zone. If the signal interference became too great, the player would be eliminated.

See Also

  • Storm Flip - An item which allowed players to flip an area into a Storm area, or clear a Storm, with the damage dealt equating to that of the current Storm.

Wait, hold on... "It's not just a storm?" What does that mean?
Agent Jones

The Storm is an entity Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Storm may or may not be an extension of The Sideways, a monster-ridden reality.


The Storm is an entity which contains The Loop, keeping Loopers from escaping it, and providing a way to eliminate all of them within the 22 minute loop time.#

The Storm is implied to be a sentient entity, due to its rage during The Device and how it is described by Agent Jones in dialogue. This is supported with the Storm Surge mechanic, the Storm can rage if it sees that there are too many Loopers inside the Storm eye when it is small and can directly strike them with lightning. The Storm is powered by The Zero Point and it is externally controlled by the Imagined Order. In order to escape The Loop, The Looper must be in the final storm circle of the match, on the Eye of the Storm and alone.

During The Device Event, said device beats the Storm and stops The Loop from working. The Imagined Order revives the Storm by dialing the Resonance Actuator to 7.2, giving it more energy. The Storm strikes the Device with lightning and turns into The Wall Of Water as revenge against Midas. After 3 Days, The water wall breaks and floods the Island.

During a Corruption Cubes' birth process, all child Cubes receives multiple lightning from their father Cube and a lightning from the Storm.


Shrinking Warning
Shrinking Ambient
Imprint Baby Cube