The Wall Of Water was a new Storm mechanism in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that was added after The Device Live Event. As of Chapter 2: Season 3, The Wall of Water collapsed and flooded parts of Apollo. The Wall of Water would, once a player was in it, send the player to the top of it, and fling them out, dealing mass amounts of fall damage.


In the Device Event, Midas activates the device in an attempt to destroy The Storm that has terrorised the island for years. This fails, however, and due to reasons unknown, the Storm returns, angrier than ever before.

Confirmed in the official Fortnite website, the Storm created the Wall of Water as revenge against Midas. It was temporarily contained by the Storm Shield, but after two days it broke through and caused a tsunami that flooded much of the island.

Some players believe that Midas' plan was actually to break a time loop that creates the Battle Royale, and that when it failed it somehow created the Wall.


  • Able to swim when lost.
  • Carry up The Yacht.


  • The Wall of Water is based on Real Life Tsunamis.
  • Loot Sharks were leaked with a giant megalodon swimming with the other fish.
  • The Wall collapsed, flooding the left side of the map completely.
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