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The Zero Point is a Storyline Object in Battle Royale that seems to be the center of reality in the Universe. The Zero Point is located inside of The Loop (which is known as the Battle Royale Island).

Previously it was located at Loot Lake, under The Vault, but after the rearrangement of The Island, the Zero Point was at The Loop's Central Island, isolating itself from the rest. It is most presumably a "Bridge" to other realities.


Season 4

The Zero Point is briefly mentioned by The Visitor as he says "Zero Point Oscillator On. Setting coordinates. Engage quantum holed accelerators" and then, The Rocket opens up a rift above Tilted Towers, and then more until a rift opens up above Loot Lake, and this rift stays for a long time until Season 5.

The Rocket, however, has broken Space & Time, causing some items to enter the Zero Point's bridge into our reality, and some from our reality to The Loop.

Season 8

When The Vault was opened players were sent to the in-between and chose one item to come back (The Drum Gun).

Season 9

The Mecha Team Leader grabs the Zero Point, for power and leaves it exposed, causing it to be damaged overtime.

Season X

The Zero Point is very unstable and pauses the time of all objects, including the meteor. The Loop is still stuck in a loop. The Seven reconstruct the rocket, and during The End Live Event, 7 Rockets are unleashed and resume time. With that, the meteor is drawn into a rift. A rocket dives into the Zero Point, and shortly after, the Meteor applies intense pressure to the zero point and becomes unstable, causing it to explode with energy. It then contains itself by sending the loop's matter into a Black Hole for a few days.

At this point, Galactus notices the pure energy being released by the Zero Point, and makes his way over the to Island.

Chapter 2: Season 1

After the two days, the universe began to rebirth for some reason, due to The Zero Point being fully reestablished. A second big bang occurred where, as confirmed by Donald Mustard, the old universe's matter that had been "stored" inside the Black Hole was quickly reorganized and reformed in a short amount of time, creating the new Chapter 2 map. However, when the matter of the island was reorganized, not all locations disappeared. Furthermore, some older locations, such as Retail Row, had returned. The Zero Point is now hidden deep under Eye Land, and is being contained by a team of agents according to a transmission from the start of the season.

Chapter 2: Season 2

Midas potentially used the Zero Point in order to attempt to push back the storm, ultimately failing and creating a giant tsunami. It is during this point, John Jones becomes aware of the bridge the Zero Point is making between The Loop and reality.

Chapter 2: Season 3

The Tsunami caused by Midas' attempts to use the Zero point to push back the storm end up flooding the entire map.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Galactus is visible in the sky and slowly makes his way to the Island. During the Devourer of Worlds event, Galactus tears apart The Ruins to reveal the location of the Zero Point and attempts to consume it with his hand. Galactus is eventually defeated and sent back to his home by the Avengers, led by Tony Stark, leaving the Zero Point exposed. During this point the loop is partially broken.

Chapter 2: Season 5

The Zero Point is left exposed, and John Jones re-enters Apollo in order to stop anyone escaping the loop and to reseal the bridge. He hires several bounty hunters from different worlds in order to do this, but fails to hear the warning to not alert The Seven.

The Zero Point was seen in a very destabilized state, similar to it's Season X state without the frozen time bubble, possibly because it hadn't fully began exploding yet. Because of this, The Zero Point began tampering with our reality again, and caused the middle of the island to become a Desert, in a similar type of matter reorganization to the type that created the newer island. It also brought back pieces of several locations from the first island, such as Tomato Town and Flush Factory. Oddly enough, they were placed in roughly the same areas as they were on the first map. Standing or gliding near The Zero Point currently gives a strange, out-of-focus/tri-colored appearance to the character and surrounding area, and touching it plays a short animation where the player is seemingly sucked into it before being shot out on the opposite side of where you came through with a low-gravity effect. This regenerates the players health and gives about 48 shield if already on full health.


  • Since the Zero Point in Chapter 2: Season 5 could give you full health, players used this to their advantage to get free wins by making a skybase, so they don't fall down. The X2Twins first made this glitch available to the public. Luckily this was patched, now that players don't have enough health to survive the storm.
  • It has opened two portals since the start of Chapter 2: Season 5 , The Walking Dead Portal and The Marvel Portal.
  • According to the strange voice in Stealthy Stronghold, the zero point is exposing in 6 weeks, pointing the date March 10, 2021.


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