The Zero Point (sometimes referred to as The Orb) is an object located at Loot Lake and was foreshadowed in the Blast Off event from Season 4. It was first mentioned by The Visitor back in Season 4's rocket event, when the rocket was about to dive toward Tilted Towers. It reappeared in Season 8's Unvaulting Event, when players entered the vault and entered The In-Between. It reappeared once again in Season 9's Final Showdown event, when the Mecha breaks the center of the vault and rips out the Zero Point, absorbing its energy to punch The Devourer. Throughout the last few days of Season 9, players started to speculate the orb's phases toward the end of the season. During the Season 10/X intro cinematic, The Zero Point exploded, but is frozen in time for the sake of the season. It seems that The Zero Point is the energy of the Rift Beacons since The Visitor was using the B.R.U.T.E.S to activate the Rift Zones. During The End event, the rocket appears over Loot Lake and enters the Zero Point, blasting all players away, as the other six rockets surround The Meteor, as they all exit the island, while the Meteor tries to destroy the orb, and it seemed that the orb was fighting back the meteor's power, but fails to do so, as The Meteor completely abolishes the Zero Point, sending all players outside the island. Eventually, the Zero Point starts to suck everything on the island, even the players and the players in the lobby inside. The Tomatohead, The Battle Bus, everything inside, until its nothing but blackness, and when you enter Fortnite, all you get is a black hole. The black hole has been in the game until Chapter 2: Season 1 started, when it created an alternate dimension.


It is unknown what the origins of the Zero Point are, but people can speculate and theorize.

It is widely believed to be an extremely dense singularity made from the same energy as Rifts

It originates, supposedly, from the In-Between, a nexus connecting several universes and points in time. There are many more Zero Points there. This particular one appears to have grown unstable and corrupt, eventually needing to be destroyed by The Seven in Season X.


  • In the Blast Off event, The Visitor can be heard talking about the Zero Point. He says, "Zero Point Oscillator on. Setting coordinates. Engage multi-fueled accelerators."
  • In Season X, The Zero Point acts like a rift in Loot Lake. When jumping in, it will send you into a rift in the sky, similar to Rifts and Rift-To-Gos.
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