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“In the beginning, there was nothing, then, in a burst of pure creation, The Zero Point sprang into being."
The Foundation in Batman/Fortnite: Foundation

The Zero Point is a main Storyline Object in Battle Royale. It is the center of all reality in the Omniverse.

Previously in Chapter 1, it was located under Loot Lake, in The Vault. After the rearrangement of The Island, the Zero Point is contained in The Bridge between Apollo and Artemis.


The Zero Point is a nexus orb that is where all of reality apparently sprang from. It cycles through countless realities per second, and can be used as an infinite power source or as a bridge to other realities. It appears to have an outer hull/shell surrounding and containing a central core, consisting of dozenes of tendrils of pure energy, with the ability to open portals. As seen in Chapter 2 Season 5 and Zero Crisis Finale, these tendrils can become tangled up, causing instability and an implosion of the Zero Point. During the Zero Crisis Finale, The Foundation seemingly untangled the Zero Point and forced it to bloom, although this was not enough, and he was forced to create The Spire to contain the implosion.

The Zero Point possesses the power to alter reality in any way possible. As seen during the Zero Crisis Finale, during its unstable state, it can send out reality waves that randomly alter the very fabric of time and space. These reality waves sent the island back to primal times, kicking off Chapter 2 Season 6.

The Imagined Order uses The Zero Point as a bridge to different realties and bring their "order" to them, They also uses it to maintain The Loop, seemingly enclosing the entire island in a dome like 'field'.

It was briefly mentioned in the Blastoff event by The Visitor, briefly appeared in The Butterfly Event and fully revealed in The Unvaulting Event.

Creations and Items.


Name and Image Description
The In-Between
Zero Point In-Between 2 - Galactus - Fortnite.png
The realm of The Zero Point that connects all realities.
The Island
Chapter 2 Season 1 (10-15-2019) - Map - Fortnite.jpg
Home of the Zero Point.
Pure Portals
Kepler Portal (Closeup) - Zero Point Portal - Fortnite.png
Portal created by and linked to the Zero Point.
Zero Point Crystals
Zero Point Crystal - Item - Fortnite.png
Solid zero point energy.
Reality Wave
Reality waves 2 - Fortnite.png
An energy explosion that can change anything in a blink of an eye.
Black Hole
Black Hole - Galactus - Fortnite.png
A black hole formed when the Zero Point is damaged.
Teleporter - Device - Fortnite.png
Unstable portals leaking from the unstable Zero Point.


Name and Image Description
Portal Device
Portal Device - Item - Fortnite.png
Imagined Order's device that can form a pure Zero Point Portal.
Sword Of Singularity
Rift Tour - Memory 3 - Fortnite .png
A zero point powered sword used to disintegrate The Devourer.
The Device
Doomsday Device - Stage 4 - Fortnite.png
A storm-defying device potentially powered by the Zero Point.


Big Bang - Comic - Fortnite.png

The Big Bang

  • According to The Foundation, In the beginning there was nothing. then, in a burst of pure creation, the Zero Point sprang into being.

An Ancient Artifact

Before Chapter 1

  • The Imagined Order uses the Zero Point to do dangerous things, Travel to different realties and bring order to everything, changing and alter realities' history and developments to their liking, kidnapping people and put them on The Island and into The Loop. They made The Seven fear them.

Season 4

Crack in the Sky

  • The Zero Point is briefly mentioned by The Visitor as he says "Zero Point Oscillator On. Set coordinates. Engaging quantum fuel accelerator".
    This may hint that The Visitor used the energy of The Zero Point to open the rifts through spacetime. The Rocket travels through several rifts around the map in a live event, eventually boosting into the sky and breaking through the space-time fabric, creating a giant Sideways Rift in the sky that would stay throughout the remainder of Season 4 and most of Season 5.

Cube's nectar into Zero Point

Season 6

The In-Between

  • After the Cube melted into Loot Lake, It rose from the waters, forming the Floating Island. This created a large hole in the lake, a vortex at the exact spot of The Vault's entrance.
  • During Fortnitemares 2018, The Cube began to crack. On November 3, it began to drip its nectar into The Zero Point, until the final drip. On November 4, 2018, The Cube explodes and Loopers were teleported to The In-Between. Shortly after, a rift formed, and took shape of a Butterfly, landed on everyone's finger and it got everyone teleported back to the Island. Loot Lake appears to be completely new and altered.
  • The Zero Point is located at the bottom center of The In-Between, a light beam can be seen coming out of it.

Season 8

The Zero Point inside The Vault

  • The Vault was opened and players were able to choose one item to come back (The Drum Gun),
  • This is the first appearance of the Zero Point in its stable and contained state.

Mecha exposing the Zero Point

Season 9

Zero Point Powered Sword

  • A large cable is built, stretching from the Vault to Neo Tilted, allowing the city to harness the power of the Zero Point.
  • During The Final Showdown, The Devourer, hungering for the Zero Point, attacks The Vault and badly injures Mecha Team Leader. Leaving the latter no choice but to break through the Vault's metal entrance and grab the Zero Point, cracking its outer shell to absorb its energy. Mecha then used the collected energy from the Zero Point to power the Statue Of Singularity Sword and defeat the monster once and for all. The Zero Point's energy from the sword causes The Devourer's corpse to quickly decompose.
  • This ultimately left the Zero Point cracked and floating above the Vault, and so it began to rapidly destabilize during the remaining days of the season.

Season X

Out of Time

  • The Zero Point explodes, however The Scientist had created a device prior to that moment which froze the Zero Point in time at the exact moment of the explosion, while sending him and his meteor into the Loop, giving him just enough time to execute the next part of his plan. As a side effect, this caused a time bubble to form at Loot Lake, with the Zero Point and everything inside frozen in the air. The explosion of the Zero Point also brought Dusty Depot back, and somehow created a version of Loot Lake that merged it's "recently-uncovered Vault" version from Season 8 with it's Futuristic version from Season 9.
  • The Scientist leaves his pod in the frozen meteor, and settles at Dusty Depot, creating several rift beacons that absorb the energy being emitted by the Zero Point, using it to create rifts in the sky. However, as a side effect, the area around each rift beacon is replaced with an alternative version of a location from a different reality.

The End of Athena

  • The Scientist constructs a rocket at Dusty Depot, and during The End Live Event six more rockets emerge from each of the rifts. They all circle around the island several times, and then warp the meteor, unfreeze it, and suck it into a rift. With the meteor removed from the map, a rocket forms a rift in the sky and travels through it, heading straight towards Loot Lake. It slams into the Zero Point, sending out a shockwave that blasts all the Loopers up and out of the island. Shortly after, the Meteor travels through the same rift and falls onto Loot Lake, breaking through the time bubble and slamming into The Zero Point, causing it to explode and release a massive burst of energy onto the island. The remnants of The Zero Point then collapse and condense into a black hole that shreds the entire island and sucks it inside, causing The Loop to break.
  • Following the event, the game is unplayable for two days, and logging in revealed the black hole, swirling blue and energised matter around itself. Matter that used to be the island.
  • At this point, Galactus notices the pure energy being released by the Zero Point, and makes his way over to the Island to feed himself.

Chapter 2: Season 1

  • After the two days, The black hole exploded, reforming and restoring the Zero Point, releasing and reorganizing the matter around it, thus creating the Chapter 2 Island, with 10 all new locations; Some locations (Namely Pleasant Park, Retail Row and Salty Springs) however, survived this reorganization without major changes. The Loop was also rebooted and reset, continuing the infinite battle royale on the island. The Zero Point is now stable and contained, hidden deep underground Eye Land in The Bridge, a top secret Imagined Order facility built as a bridge between their World on the other side and the Island.

Midas' Doomsday Device

Chapter 2: Season 2

Chapter 2: Season 4

Galactus exposing the Zero Point.

Galactus consuming the Zero Point

  • Galactus finally arrives to the island during the Devourer of Worlds event. He tears apart The Ruins by ripping the Zero Point out of The Bridge, (which was located underneath the island that The Ruins has rested on) and begins to consume it with his hand. The Zero Point cracks under the strain, and fights back against Galactus, starting a mini End event in which the entire island is sucked into The Zero Point and transported to the realm of The Zero Point, The In-Between. There, a massive battle occurs which ends with Galactus being defeated and rifted back to his home dimension.
  • Inside The Bridge, chaos occurs. The activities occurring during the event caused severe damage to the facility, and Agent Jones was ultimately knocked out in the process.

Chapter 2: Season 5

The Zero Point Desert

  • The Zero Point is left exposed, and its presence on the island itself allows any of the loopers to escape Imagined Order captivity. Doctor Slone orders Agent Jones to re-enters Apollo in order to stop anyone escaping the loop and to reseal The Bridge from Apollo and its savage inhabitants. He hires several bounty hunters from different realities to assist in the process, and The Imagined Order provides a supply of IO Troopers to assist in the process. However he misses a warning to not attract The Seven to the island.
  • The Zero Point could be seen in a very destabilized state, cracked and pulsing with energy. Following The Devourer of Worlds, The Zero Point reorganized the matter in the center of the island into a desert, filled with Zero Point Crystals. It also brought back pieces of several locations from the first island, such as The Pizza Pit and Flush Factory. Oddly enough, they were placed in roughly the same areas as they were on the previous Island. Standing or gliding near The Zero Point gave out a strange, out-of-focus/tri-colored appearance to the character and surrounding area, and touching it plays a short animation where the player is seemingly sucked into it before being shot out on the opposite side of where you release through with a low-gravity effect. This regenerates the players health and gives about 48 shield if already on full health.

A Pure Portal.

  • Agent Jones uses his Portal Device to open Pure Portals and bring lots of alternate reality characters onto the island. However, this also causes The Zero Point to destabilize even further.

Reality breaking down

  • Update v15.50: 2 weeks before Season 6, the Zero Point started becoming purple and shattered even further, plus it sent out Reality Waves every few hours, showing its clear destabilization. It also started sending waves to the Portals, and the Zero Point instability started being reflected into the Portals. As the days passed the Portals became more unstable, the Zero Point more purple and Reality Waves were sent out more frequently, happening every two minutes.

Zero Point Bloom 1 - Fortnite.png

  • During the end of the season, Agent Jones outlines in his Reality Logs that he has become frustrated with The Imagined Order barely helping out with The Zero Point destabilization problem. He finds out that his credentials to get the 'Restricted File 8752', a file that contains all information related to The Seven, had been revoked by the Imagined Order. Agent Jones then decides to take matters into his own hands and bring one of The Seven into the Island to help him restabilize the Zero Point and save reality.

Zero Bloom

Sealing the Zero

The Spire

Chapter 2: Season 6

Glpyh Master Raz's Magic

  • Agent Jones cuts off his connection with Doctor Slone and betrays The Imagined Order, contacting The Seven for help with stabilizing The Zero Point. He calibrates his Portal Device and throws it into The Zero Point, which brings the leader of The Seven, The Foundation to the Island. The Foundation emerges from his capsule and attacks Jones, head-butting him and kicking him into a rock. However, Jones manages to convince The Foundation to help stabilize The Zero Point in exchange for getting him to Genō and The Sisters. In the ensuing Zero Crisis Finale event, The Foundation untangles and attempts to stabilize The Zero Point, as it periodically releases reality waves that randomly alter the very fabric of spacetime. However, The Foundation fails in stabilizing The Zero Point, so he creates a Spire that extends all the way down to The Bridge in order to contain the blast, cut the Imagined Order's connection with it, and heal the Zero Point, sealing himself inside it in the process. As this occurs, The Zero Point sends out a final reality wave, sending the island back to primal times.
  • Throughout the rest of the season, The Zero Point remains sealed with The Foundation in The Spire.
  • Later in the season. Raz, a follower of The Cube, became corrupted by the Spire Artifact, a piece of the Spire's core. Raz then used the combination of The Cube and Zero Point Crystals to attack everyone near the Spire.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue 5

The Spire Destruction

Chapter 2: Season 7

The Bridge (Zero Point) - Impostors - Fortnite.png

  • The Zero Point is currently contained within the underwater complex of The Bridge, and is stabilized with its outer shell completely healed. it grows blue Zero Point Crystals daily.

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • When The End concludes, The Bridge is destroyed and The Zero Point is ejected, becoming 'liberated' from IO and presently located in the very center of the island between Artemis and Apollo.


Chapter 2

Audio Description
1 Reality Waves

Zero Crisis Finale

Audio Description
1st Reality Waves
2nd Reality Waves
3rd Reality Waves
Zero Bloom 1st stage
Zero Bloom 2nd stage
Zero Bloom 3rd stage
Zero Bloom 4th stage
Zero Bloom

The Devourer of Worlds

Audio Description
1 Zero Point Destabilizing

Chapter 1

Audio Description
Season 8
Season 9 (Destabilize)
Season 9 (Imploding)
Season X
Black Hole
Black Hole Loop


Audio Description
The Unvaulting
The End
The Devourer of Worlds
Zero Crisis Finale


  • Since the Zero Point in Chapter 2: Season 5 could give you full health, players used this to their advantage to get free wins by making a sky base inside the Zero Point, so they don't fall down. The X2Twins first made this glitch available to the public. Luckily this was patched, now that players don't have enough health to survive the storm.
  • Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is a real type of energy that is found in objects close to absolute zero, the coldest theoretical temperature any object can reach before it loses nearly all energy (0°K/Kelvin, about -273° Celsius). It keeps these objects stable, and is also part of the reason why Helium can remain a liquid at close to 0°K. This may be linked to the Zero Point, not just by name, but by strength (ZPE is quite strong) and application (Most of space is close to absolute zero, yet particles are still created and it is still stable thanks to ZPE partly).
  • It is possible that The Cube can control the zero point.
  • The End's leitmotifs usually plays when the Zero Point is involved.


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The Bridge

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic Series

The Spire

Zero Crisis Finale


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