Son of Odin. God of Thunder.
— In-Game Description

Thor is a Marvel Series Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that can be obtained at Level 1 of the Chapter 2: Season 4 Battle Pass.


Born 1500 years ago to Odin and Frigga, the king and queen of fabled Asgard, Thor grew into a mighty warrior and protector of his home and people. Thought to be rash and even reckless by his father, Thor nevertheless looked forward to the day of his ascension to the throne. But, his adoptive brother Loki schemed in private to ensure that day never arrived. He manipulated Thor into attacking the Frost Giants, legendary adversaries of the Asgardians and Loki’s people, and Odin—hoping to teach his son humility—divested Thor of his magic hammer Mjolnir and banished him to Midgard, the realm also known as Earth.

Cosmetic Review

Based on a version of Earth-616's Thor, this version is imbued with the Power Cosmic and wields a mystical hammer called Mjolnir.



  • His default style features him in an armour when he became the Galautus’s herald with stars and the cosmos showcased on his clothes.
  • His Blue style energises Thor with the power of lightning (and the cosmic power in the comics) giving him a blue glow charge over his head, hair and shoulder pads.

Selectable Styles

Default God of Thunder
Thor - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Thor (Blue) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Silver Gold Holo Foil
Thor (Silver Foil) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Thor (Gold Foil) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Thor (Holo Foil) - Outfit - Fortnite.png


Awakening Challenges

Challenge Reward
Reach Level 15 in the Battle Pass N/A
Stage 1 of 3 - Visit Bifrost marks as Thor
Stage 2 of 3 - Deal damage to opponents using Mjolnir as Thor (100)
Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Thor at mountain top ruins God of Thunder - Emote - Fortnite.png
God of Thunder
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