Throwable Items (also considered “explosives” or “consumables,” are a type of unique weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale that have a wide variety of effects when thrown. They can range from Grenades to Chug Splashes to Boogie Bombs to Boom Boxes, each have a different effect.


Icon Item Statistics Effect Rarity Max Stack
Grenade Common
Lump of Coal Common
Rusty Can Common
Small Fry Common
Bandages Common
Friendly Bot Grenade Common
Enemy Bot Grenade Common
Clinger Uncommon
Dynamite Uncommon
Creepin’ Cardboard Uncommon
Smoke Grenade Uncommon
Bottle Rockets Uncommon
Small Shield Potion Uncommon
Medkit Uncommon
Stink Bomb Rare
Boogie Bomb Rare
Shield Bubble Rare
Chug Splash Rare
Impulse Grenade Rare
Crash Pads Rare
Port-a-Fort Rare
Sneaky Snowman Rare
Shield Potion Rare
Decoy Rare
Remote Explosives Epic
Boom Box Epic
Storm Flip Epic
Junk Rift Epic
Zapper Trap Epic
Slurpfish Epic
Slurp Juice Epic
Shockwave Grenade Epic
Air Strike Legendary
Present! Legendary
Birthday Present! Legendary
Mythic Goldfish Mythic
Explosive Batarangs Mythic
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