In-Game Tournaments Announcement

In-Game Tournaments Announcement

Tournaments can be found inside of the Events tab available in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This tab hosts a variety of online competitions which are open to everyone.

  • Each tournament has a series of scheduled dates and times that the competition will be run. A carousel of all upcoming competitions and times will be available for browsing, so players can plan and practice.
  • Every scheduled session is a completely clean slate with all players starting on an equal footing at the beginning of play.
  • Compete over the course of several hours to earn points by eliminating multiple opponents or surviving against the competition.
  • Players are matched against opponents with similar scores during the session.
  • Players that score enough points during any scheduled event session will earn a golden pin for that tournament.

Some of the Tournaments noted are:

  • Alpha/Beta
  • Friday Night Fortnite
  • Salty Springs Cup
  • Tomato Temple Cup
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