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Traps and Devices are a type of item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The purpose of these items is to be placed in the environment to either help allies or hinder opponents in some way. Not all traps are placed however, some are thrown and some are environmental.


Traps and Devices have two main uses in Battle Royale: Either to damage opponents, or to aid allies in some way. Traps are normally placed by the player, and take up a special infinite inventory slot, but some are items instead.

As a general rule, a player who comes within the same tile as a placed trap will activate it, causing the effects of the trap to apply. Some traps can however be dodged, by entering the tile, then exiting it before the effect is applied.

Depending on the trap or device, there will be a 'reload time' which decides the cooldown between trap usage.

Traps have a different color scheme depending on if a friendly player or opponent placed them.

List of Traps and Devices

Name Image Primary Effect Category Vault Status
Damage Trap
Damage Trap - Trap - Fortnite.png
150 Damage Trap Vaulted
Poison Dart Trap
Poison Dart Trap - Trap - Fortnite.png
80 Damage over time Trap Vaulted
Fire Trap
Flame Grill Floor Trap Schematic - Weapon - Fortnite.png
50 Damage + Fire Trap Vaulted
Launch Pad
Images - Launch Pad - fortnite.png
Launches players into the air with Glider Redeploy Device Available
Bouncer - Trap - Fortnite.png
Boosts players in the opposite direction, negates fall damage Device Vaulted
Zapper Trap
Zapper Trap - Trap - Fortnite.png
50 Damage Trap Vaulted
Mounted Turret
Mounted Turret - Trap - Fortnite.png
Places a turret the player can mount and deal damage with Device Vaulted
Cozy Campfire
Cozy Campfire - Fortnite Battle Royale.png
+50 HP Device Available

Vaulted as an item

Chiller - Trap - Fortnite.png
Freezes the players feet causing faster but impaired movement Trap Vaulted
Wall Dynamo
Wall Dynamo Schematic - Weapon - Fortnite.png
125 Damage Trap Vaulted
Ceiling Zapper
Ceiling Zapper Schematic - Weapon - Fortnite.png
125 Damage Trap Vaulted
Directional Jump Pad
Icon Weapons JumpPadD floor L.png
Launches the player in the direction they walk onto it. Device Vaulted


  • The Zapper Trap does not take up the trap slot in your inventory. Instead it is a throwable item, which creates a structure when thrown.
  • The Wall Dynamo and Ceiling Zapper are not technically vaulted, as both were removed from the game files before the term existed. As such they are likely to never return, as their function has been replaced with that of the Zapper Trap and Damage Trap.
  • The Cozy Campfire exists as a prop around the Apollo map. They can be interacted with to deal the same healing numbers as their trap counterpart, and can even be stoked to boost healing over time.
  • The Directional Jump pad will likely never return, as its function is replicated by the Bouncer.