Traps are a category of items in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They can be placed in floors, walls, or ceilings and have a variety of uses. 

Damaging Traps

Damage Trap

Traps spike floor

Retractable Spikes Trap

Damage Traps can be placed on walls, ceilings and floors. They deal 150 damage to player(s). They will damage all enemy players within the hitbox when activated. They have a 3-second arming time, meaning it only activates once every 3 seconds.

Poison Dart Trap

Poison Dart Traps deal damage per tick when hit.

Zapper Trap

Zapper Traps are throwable items that turn into traps upon hitting a compatible surface. They have a cooldown for every hit dealing 50 damage.

Non-damaging Traps


Can be placed on walls, ceilings and floors. Launches player perpendicular to the direction it is placed. It also negates fall damage on the player it bounces.

Chiller Trap

Puts ice on player’s feet upon contact in the AoE. Makes the player(s) extremely fast but harder to control. Suitable for going down slopes much faster, but without enough speed, impossible to make it up slopes.

Launch Pad

Can be placed only on the ground. Launches players skyward, glider can be re-deployed afterwards. Good for travelling long distances fast.


Heals players in the AoE up to 50 additional Hp and can now only be found naturally spawned in parts of the map. They generate smoke in an upward column when used which can alert enemy players.

Interactive Traps

Mounted Turret

Used as a rapid-fire gun that can be rotated at any direction. Seats a player within it, deals fast DPS to players and structures but makes the player vulnerable when using it because they cannot move until they exit it. It can overheat when used too much at once, similar to the Minigun.

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