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Traps are placeable items in Fortnite: Save the World used to fight Monsters and assist the players. They are an integral part of Fortnite's "Tower Defense" style gameplay.

Players must place a trap on a solid, unmodified structure tile---that is, a tile without spaces cut for doors, holes, or archways. An exception is the "Wall (Fence)" type which can be placed on any wall tile with a solid bottom row. The game will signal players whether a placement location is valid using colored icons and providing an explanation if not valid. Placing traps is made to be simple and intuitive, and experimenting in the game world is an effective way to learn the system.


Traps provide stationary defenses to zones, player buildings, and objectives. They damage and stun, displace and heal, and they operate automatically without the need for player management. Traps cannot harm Heroes.

Players may place traps by attaching them to structures. Traps are divided by "Lethal", "Crowd Control" and "Utility" roles and are sub-divided into three placement types - wall traps, ceiling traps, and floor traps. Each trap may only fasten to its matching structure type (i.e. it is not possible to place a ceiling trap on a wall.)

Like Weapons, Traps are a storable commodity carried in the player's backpack. They may be found in the game world as loot or crafted by the player with the use of Schematics. Trap items are consumable and disappear from the player's inventory after a single use i.e when being placed. Players replenish or stockpile their trap inventory by looting or crafting.

Trap schematics can be leveled up to grant bonus attributes and increase the general strength of the crafted traps they yield just like weapons.

Crowd Control Traps[]

Ceiling Traps[]

Ceiling Zapper
Ceiling Drop Trap
Ceiling Zapper Ceiling Drop Trap

Wall Traps[]

Wall Dynamo
Wall Launcher - Schematic - Fortnite
Wall Lights
Sound Walls
Broadside - Schematic - Save the World
Wall Dynamo Wall Launcher Wall Lights Sound Wall Broadside

Floor Traps[]

Retractable Floor Spikes
Floor Launcher
Floor Freeze Trap
Tar Pit - Schematic - Save the World
Retractable Floor Spikes Floor Launcher Floor Freeze Tar Pit

Pure Damage Traps[]

Ceiling Traps[]

Ceiling Gas Trap
Ceiling Electric Field
Ceiling Gas Trap Ceiling Electric Field

Wall Traps[]

Wall Darts
Wall Spikes
Wall Darts Wall Spikes

Floor Traps[]

Anti-Air Trap - Schematic - Save the World
Flame Grill Floor Trap
Wooden Floor Spikes
Anti-Air Trap Flame Grill Wooden Floor Spikes

Utility Traps[]

Floor Traps[]

Defender Post
Healing Pad
Cozy Campfire
Player Jump Pad (Directional)
Defender Post Healing Pad Cozy Campfire Player Jump Pad (Vertical) Player Jump Pad (Directional)