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Get the last word.
— In-Game Description

Ultima Knight is a Legendary Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could be obtained by reaching Tier 100 of the Season X Battle Pass.


Ultima Knight which is remixed from Black Knight is one of the 7 Outfits in the Season X Battle Pass that are remixed versions from old Battle Passes.

In Chapter 2: Season 3, a female version of him was introduced, Eternal Knight.

Cosmetic Review

Ultima Knight is the remixed version of Black Knight from Season 2 with major armor upgrades and a more menacing and fearless personality.



Style Color
Ultima (Default) Origin Silver Red
Ultima Knight (Gold) - Fortnite.png
Ultima Knight (Origin) - Fortnite.PNG
Ultima Knight (Silver) - Fortnite.PNG
Ultima Knight (Red) - Fortnite.PNG


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