Umbrellas are a type of cosmetic item players may equip and use for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Umbrellas are cosmetic only, so provide little, if any, benefit. Players can obtain Umbrellas only by achieving a Victory Royale, as they are not purchasable, nor can they be rewarded as part of achieving a Tier during the Battle Pass season.

Umbrellas function identically as Gliders.

The following Umbrellas are in the game, with their corresponding "win" environments:

Beach Umbrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Founders Umbrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Holographic - Umbrella - Fortnite
One Shot - Umbrella - Fortnite
Palm Leaf - Umbrella - Fortnite
Paper Parasol - Umbrella - Fortnite
Beach Umbrella
Season 5
Founder's Umbrella
Save the World Beta
Season 9
One Shot
Wick's Bounty Challenges
Palm Leaf
Season 8
Paper Parasol
Season 3
Snowfall - Umbrella - Fortnite
Snowflake - Umbrella - Fortnite
The Umbrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Webrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Wet Paint - Umbrella - Fortnite
Season 7
Season 2
The Umbrella
Season 6
Wet Paint
Season 4
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