Umbrellas are a type of cosmetic item players may equip and use for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Umbrellas are cosmetic only, so provide little, if any, benefit. Players can obtain Umbrellas only by achieving a Victory Royale, as they are not purchasable, nor can they be acquired as part of achieving a Tier/Level during the Battle Pass season. Currently, umbrellas are all of the Common rarity.

Umbrellas function identically as Gliders.

The following Umbrellas are in the game, with their corresponding "win" environments:

Beach Umbrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Downpour - Umbrella - Fortnite
Founders Umbrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Holographic - Umbrella - Fortnite
One Shot - Umbrella - Fortnite
Palm Leaf - Umbrella - Fortnite
Beach Umbrella
Season 5
Chapter 2 Season 2
Chapter 2 Season 1
Founder's Umbrella
Save the World Beta
Season 9
One Shot
Wick's Bounty Challenges
Palm Leaf
Season 8
Paper Parasol - Umbrella - Fortnite
Snowfall - Umbrella - Fortnite
Snowflake - Umbrella - Fortnite
The Umbrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Webrella - Umbrella - Fortnite
Storm Sail - Glider - Fortnite
Wet Paint - Umbrella - Fortnite
Paper Parasol
Season 3
Season 7
Season 2
The Umbrella
Victory Royale (Any Season)
Season 6
Storm Sail
Defeated the Storm King
Wet Paint
Season 4
X - Umbrella - Fortnite
Season X
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