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Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit, or more commonly called, Tomatohead, is a restaurant franchise in Fortnite Battle Royale, and Save the World. It is located in Tomato Town, Retail Row, Mega Mall, and south of Salty Springs.

Battle Royale

Season 4

Season 5

  • In Season 5, a temple rifted in the place of Tomato Town, changing the restaurant. This was because of Tomato Temple being rifted in from the past although it is not known as to why it was Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit themed.

Season 6

Season 7

  • In Season 7, the company relocated to the basketball court and gradually expanded. It had been competing with the Durrr Burger franchise that had relocated directly across from the newly formed restaurant.

Season 8

  • In Season 8, a volcano had risen in the North-Eastern part of the map. This had effectively destroyed the POI, removing its status as a named POI. The temple fortunately stood, and in Season 8, they had begun reconstruction in Retail Row as a small food truck that slowly built up into a small restaurant. Then, for the Seasonal Event, a meteor from the volcano had shot out and dropped onto Retail Row. It had destroyed the Northern part of Retail Row, therefore, destroying Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit. However, the temple continued to stand nearby the volcano but no longer as a named location.

Season 9

  • In Season 9, [[Retail Row] rebuilt into Mega Mall, and in the mall, is located the new restaurant, which is more or less the same as all the previous restaurants. In Season X, Mega Mall is domed with a rift bubble, removing the establishment from the game. However, references to the franchise never seemed to go away.

Chapter 2: Season 1

  • In Chapter 2: Season 1, a small food truck is located south of Salty Springs. This is not confirmed however to be the same establishment, but it is called Pizza Pete's Food Truck, so it most likely is.

Save the World

The restaurant appears in random places in several zones in Stonewood. It has not yet appeared in the STW storyline and is not mentioned anywhere else in the game.



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