Unnamed Locations are locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale that have no names entirely, unlike Landmarks which have ones but not seen on the minimap. Due to this, the community often grant these locations names - like Yonder Yard and Factories. In addition, their name could be as simple as Volcano.
As Landmarks were only added in Chapter 2, they are considered as the replacement for Unnamed Locations. However, some notable locations without names have still existed in Chapter 2.

List of Former Unnamed Locations

Unnamed Location Max Chests Common


Astronomical Stage
Astronomical Stage - Fortnite.jpeg
0 N/A Removed
Castle Stone Removed
Crashed Battle Bus
Crashed Battle Bus - Landmark - Fortnite.jpg
1 Metal Removed
Dino Park
Dino Park - Location - Fortnite.png
Metal Removed
Durrr Burger Head
Durrr Burger Head - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
1 Metal Removed
Dusty Diner
Dusty Diner.jpg
5 Stone Removed
Floating Island
Floating Island - Fortnite.png
9 Wood Removed
Frozen Lake
Frozen Lake - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
Stone Removed
Meteor - Fortnite.png
1 N/A Removed
Monster Skelleton
Monster Skelleton.jpeg
1 Stone Removed
Precarious Flatbed
Precarious Flatbed - Location - Fortnite.jpg
1 Metal Removed
1 Metal Removed
Volcano - Location - Fortnite .jpeg
N/A Wood Removed
Yonder Yard
Flush Factory - Nightclub inside - Fortnite.jpg
Stone Removed
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