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Update v12.00 of Fortnite released on February 20th, 2020. It brought a new season - Chapter 2: Season 2.

Battle Royale

Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass

  • Play Spy Games
    • The island has been taken over by covert operatives - GHOST and SHADOW. Will you join the fight?
  • Discover Top Secret Locations
    • Discover exotic new locations through the island! Go off-the-grid and discover new POI Hideouts on the map.
  • Limited Time Operations
    • Infiltrate enemy bases, neutralize the henchmen guards and face off against the powerful leader to snag unique and powerful weapons!
  • Surprise The Enemy
    • Break into hideouts with secret passages. Break auto-turrets and security cameras and use new gadgets like Decoy Grenades, Proximity Mine and disguise to sabotage rival agents.
  • Your Choices, Your Battle Pass
    • Earn 100 rewards including all-new customization choices like missions that unlock optional GHOST or SHADOW Outfit Variant, plus new bonus features unique to each Battle Pass Outfit. Plus 1,500 V-Bucks Back.

Weapons & Items


Map Changes

Save the World

  • No Dancing Questline
    • Major Oswald will not allow Homebase to suffer at the hands of the enemy - the dreaded Love Storm. Operation Broken Hearts begins at oh-eight-right now. Defeat Homebase’s most prominent enemy to unlock Stoneheart Farrah.
  • Wargames
    • Major Oswald’s Wargames drills are back and in full effect! Revisit your Storm Shield bases and test your defenses against some destructive and challenging simulations. Complete both daily and weekly quest to earn your haul of Event Tickets, Gold, Banners, Evolution Materials, and PERK rewards.
  • Lunar Llama Leaving soon!
    • The might of the Dragon weapons and Chinese New Year Heroes .. Crammed into one tiny Llama. Grab them before this Llama blasts out of the store in Update v12.10. Both Lunar and the new Llama will cost 500 Lunar Tickets. Use them or save them, the choice is yours!
      • Note: 2 of these were granted for players who were impacted by the early Winter Llama conversion and any remaining Snowflake tickets have been converted into additional Lunar Llamas.
  • The Batch Recycle interface has a new Auto-Recycle button which lets you pick a rarity and mark all the pesky schematics lingering in your inventory, at that rarity or below. Spring cleaning in full effect!

Enhancements to Weapons

  • Shotguns, Snipers, Bows, Grenade Launchers, and some older weapons are now more powerful
  • The projectiles of Bows will now travel faster
  • The Boom Bow Schematic now deals higher damage when fully charged
  • The Vacuum Tube Bow Schematic now triggers its lightning on hit, rather than elimination and has a longer lightning range.
  • The Vindertech Seeker’s homing arrows have significantly better accuracy and reliability. They can also hit husks at a much larger distance.
  • Additionally, some small impact changes were made to the following:
  • Finally, Utility Perk slots on weapons (e.g. reload speed, magazine size, durability, stability) can now be rolled to damage if you want to go all in on those Husks!

Enhancements to Traps

  • The damage of all traps with the exception of Gas and Broadside traps have been enhanced
  • Energy Damage can now be put on Nature Traps
  • The Ceiling Drop Trap now has more bounce on release to let it hit multiple times
  • Ceiling Electric Field Traps have more range now
  • The Anti-Air Trap has a new range increasing perk


Yacht and Shark Galleries and Shark Island

Join the yacht club and add some luxury to your island or make your own secret hideout on the new Shark Island with the Yacht and Shark Galleries.

New Hub Islands

Two new Hub islands to allow for more options for creating your dream Hub.

  • Added team rotation support for 2-asymmetric-team games.
  • Added Creepin’ Cardboard as a Consumable and device.


  • Added 3 New Islands:
    • The Shark - A sandy island with a secret base.
    • Flat Grid Hub - A flat grid island used to design featured hubs.
    • Floating Island Hub - A floating island used to design featured hubs.

Prefabs & Galleries

  • Added 1 New Prefab
    • The Yacht
  • Added 9 New Galleries
    • The Yacht Gallery
    • The Yacht Prop Gallery
    • The Shark Wall Gallery
    • The Shark Floor & Stair Gallery
    • The Shark Rock Gallery Large
    • The Shark Rock Gallery
    • The Shark Prop Gallery
    • The Shark Cliff Gallery
    • Grass & Dirt Floor Gallery C
  • Added purple water to the Elemental Cube Gallery.
  • Added bus seats, ramp, air conditioning unit and doors to Variant Car Gallery A.
  • Added enterable RV trailers to Variant Car Gallery B.
  • Added more street signs to Street Gallery A.

UI & Social

  • Added Damage Dealt and Damage Taken options to the available scoreboard stats.
  • Improved messaging for players joining and leaving islands to help players better track where people are playing.
  • Added an in-world Health Bar Indicator to Creative that will show over the head of the player being targeted. It can be configured through the Team Settings & Inventory Device.
  • New experimental feature: when creating new islands, you can browse through all the devices you have placed and see what channels in-use are.
  • Creators can now tag their islands with descriptors. The descriptors will have limited use for now but will have a more significant role as we continue to develop the feature.