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Update v12.30 for Fortnite released on March 31st, 2020.

Battle Royale

Weapons and Items

  • Added Rare Crash Pad
    • Comes in stacks of three and stacks up to six.
    • Thrown to create a large bounce pad on the ground to prevent fall damage and gain height
    • It can be thrown while mid-air.
  • Added Legendary Kingsman
    • Can be swung as a weapon to deal 50 damage.
    • It can also be charged up for a stronger dash attack.
    • Can be used to block projectiles, but only for a temporary duration before recharging.
    • Can be used to glide in the air temporarily.

Save the World

  • Dungeons Return! on April 3rd, 2020
    • Fight monsters, dodge traps, gear up and descend into the depths to confront the raging evil below. They say there are Weapons and Heroes to recruit along the way. Magical Keys, a deep and dark labyrinth, golden coins... sounds like it’s time to do some exploring!
    • It also brings back the Pirate Llama - it will cost ye 500 Adventure tickets but you can claim ye Pirate Hero and weapon Plunder.
  • Clips improved the capacity of the core Llama set! Going forward, Homebase Heroes will be able to obtain the following bows from the core llama:
    • Compression Burster
    • Vindertech Seeker
    • Vacuum Tube Bow
    • Scavenger Bow
  • Clip has fired up the forge and made some improvements to a handful of Founder's Weapons!
    • Drumroll
      • Every 10th round fired increases weapon damage, stacking up to 4 times. Reloading removes the effect.
    • Quickshot
      • Hitting an enemy with this weapon grants additional weapon damage and reload speed! Stack this effect for maximum damage.
    • Deconstructor
      • Each bullet reloaded grants a damage bonus, stacking up to 5 times. The first bullet to hit an enemy after reloading deals all of the extra damage.
    • Nocturno
      • Hitting an enemy with this weapon marks your target. Marks will detonate on reload!


  • Added more prop doors to the Door Gallery.