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Update v12.60 for Fortnite released on May 19th, 2020.

Battle Royale

Weapons and Items

Spy Games LTMs

  • A new Spy Games playlist has been added - Operation: Infiltration
    • Extract the Intel Case from the defending team’s turf or prevent your case from reaching the invading team’s destination.

Party Royale

Save the World

  • The Fire Rate perk now provides an additional benefit to your charged weapons.
    • If a charge weapon is using a Fire Rate perk, it now reduces the amount of time it takes for the weapon to hit max charge.
      • Existing charged weapons with Fire Rate will double dip in that the Fire Rate Perk buffs both their actual fire rate as well as reducing the time it takes for them to hit max charge.
    • This impacts:
      • All Bows (excluding crossbows)
      • The Stormking Launcher
      • Zapatron
      • Crescendo
      • Noble Launcher
      • Monsoon
      • Vacuum Tube Sniper
    • Additionally, 1 Fire Rate Perk has been added to every bow, 2 Fire Rate Perks have been added to Crescendo.


  • More props have been added to Car Gallery A, Sports Gallery and the Shark Prop Gallery.
  • Added the Giant Robot, Monster Skull, and Military Station Prefabs and Galleries.