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Update v15.10 of Fortnite was released on December 15th, 2020. It only contained a few changes, but Operation: Snowdown came with it on December 18th afterwards.

Battle Royale

Weapons and Items

Operation: Snowdown:


Map Changes

Save the World



  • Jump into The Spy Within LTM playlist that features new Spy Within games based on the popular game, Among Us. These Games were built by a very talented team of Creators. Every few days, a different Spy Within Game will be featured
    • Challenges are available to complete to earn a few cosmetic rewards.

  • All variants of the Charge Shotgun and Dragon's Breath Shotgun are now added.
  • You can now immediately spawn into an island by putting in an island code while selecting Game Mode.
  • Added Player Spawn Pad Prop Device
  • Added Player Reference Device