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Update v15.50 of Fortnite released on March 2nd, 2021. It was the final update of Chapter 2: Season 5.

Battle Royale


  • Large Islands introduced - These islands are 25% larger than the previous ones.
    • This will open up even greater possibilities within your Creative games. If you've had a Creative idea that needs just a bit more room to make happen, now's your chance to think big!
  • Prefabs and Galleries
    • Updated The Agency Galleries to include lighter texture variations.
  • Creative Hub Localization - In the coming weeks, some featured content will be localized into the 13 languages available in Fortnite. Featured Hubs are up first, with plans to localize featured games in the future.
  • Removed unreleased items from Player's Islands.

Save the World

  • The Mild Meadows Venture Season and its Event Store content will conclude on April 3.
  • Hero abilities and Weapons no longer add to the Crowd Control counter.
  • If Husks gain immunity from Traps, then Hero abilities and Weapons will also cease to control them.