Update v16.00 of Fortnite was released on March 16th, 2021.

Battle Royale

Weapons and Items


  • More Characters - Encounter new characters around the map for Quests, Bounties and Trading. They will now give you an item for interacting with them.
  • Crafting allows players to create new gear on the go, using resources found across the map.
  • Hunting AI animals for Meat and Resources.

Map Changes

Locations with Changes


  • Improved Barrier Device
    • The improved Barrier device is here and includes some updated artwork!
    • Previously, the Barrier device was tied to the build grid, now it can be placed anywhere without needing to be anchored to prebuilt structures.
    • The new Barrier device can be cut, copied, pasted and rotated, and is added to the quick bar rather than the trap inventory.
    • Additionally, the Barrier provides improved scalability selections. If you need a small or large barrier, the scalability improvements will allow Creators to alter the size of the barrier before and after being placed.
  • Island Grid Changes
    • To help creators remember which size of Grid Island is being used:
      • The normal Grid Island now appears Green.
      • The Large Grid Island now appears Blue.
      • The Flat Grid Hub still appears Gray.
  • Bug fixes

Save the World


  • Removed Party Hub, causing the game to load up faster.
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