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Update v18.20 of Fortnite was released on October 12th, 2021.

Battle Royale


The war effort against the Cubes continues, and it's time once again for a global endeavor. You've built up Turret Stations and made the strategic decision to fund Shockwave Launchers over Rift-to-Gos. Now Loopers on the Island are faced with another strategic decision, this time between two new items.

Combat Assault Rifle VS. Combat SMG

Combat Assault Rifle vs. Combat SMG - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

R&D for two original weapons is happening as part of the war effort: the Combat Assault Rifle and Combat SMG. Like the previous war effort round, donate Bars at Donation Boards to help your favorite choice reach 100% Funded first and be the one that becomes available on the Island!

What’s different about the “Combat” class of weapons? Sporting a tight bullet spread and exceptional power, the Combat variants of the Assault Rifle and SMG are quite a force in an expert's hands. Just watch out for the kickback! Both the Combat Assault Rifle and Combat SMG have a strong recoil that you must tame to get the most out of them.

XP and Quest Changes

Party Quests And Punch Cards - Promo - Fortnite.jpeg

In case you missed it, we’ve recently updated repeatable Shared Quests to reward more XP. Here’s a comparison:

Shared Quest XP

Rarity v18.10 v18.20
Common 500 2,500
Uncommon 525 2,650
Rare 550 2,750
Epic 575 2,900
Legendary 750 3,750

Also, we’ll be adding a variety of additional Quests to the Daily and Weekly Punchcard in our next game update.

(With the global war effort in full swing again, J.B. Chimpanski’s Questline has been re-enabled as well.)

Role Bias and Voice Chat added to Impostors

Impostors - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

v18.20 brings improvements to Impostors, the game mode inspired by Among Us from Innersloth!

Focus on completing your assignments or polish up your sabotage skills with the new Role Bias feature. You’re now able to select if you prefer to be an Impostor or Agent. Based on your choice, you’ll be more likely to be selected as that role when playing Public and Private matches, although your preferred role is not guaranteed.

Also, we’ve added an Impostors playlist with open Voice Chat! Communication will be split between players who are and aren’t eliminated, while mixing both the diligent Agents and wily Impostors together. Convince the group to vote out Mancake because he was definitely faking Assignments and you were nowhere near Doggo’s fragment. Those who prefer no voice communication can select an Impostors playlist with only Quick Chat enabled.

Like your squad? Stay with Your Squad

Keep a good thing going! Starting now in the NA-East server region, you can select Stay with Squad with your “Fill” team and play another match together. This feature is enabled only for Duos, Trios, and Squads modes.

“Stay with Squad” will be rolling out globally at a later date.

Return Requests

Return Requests in Fortnite will now refresh over time. Read our new Return Requests blog post for more details.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving players not being able to use a Fishing Rod while in the passenger seat of a Motorboat or in the back of an OG Bear truck.
  • Fixed an issue involving Battle Pass page unlock progress not always tracking correctly.
  • Fixed an issue involving Nintendo Switch players not being heard in voice chat by players on other consoles.

Competitive notes:

  • We’ve made alterations to the Boundless Set Outfits to the point where we felt comfortable introducing them back into competitive playlists. You’ll notice the Outfits have slightly different lighting and shading effects in the new update.



The v18.20 update is bringing the new Character Device, Signal Remote Manage device, additional device updates, and bug fixes!

Character Device

The new Character Device is here and brings some amazing new functionality for creators to explore. The Character device is a mannequin that creators can use to display NPCs on your island. NPCs will be configurable in a variety of ways including setting their customization, choosing their pose and performing emotes on command. Additionally, players can use it as an interactable NPC in their game, having players interact with it to transmit signals.

Read more details on the Character Device in the Device Updates section below and on the Fortnite Creative Documentation website.

Signal Remote And Manager Device

The new Signal Remote and Manager device allows Creators to link a remote control item to up to two transmitters each, which are then activated by players in-game via the remote. For example, a player activates their remote to send a signal on a channel that teleports them back to their base area.

Read more details on the Signal Remote and Manager Device in the Device Updates section below and on the Fortnite Creative Documentation website.

Switch Device

The Switch Device is a button that can be toggled between On and Off states, allowing players to turn things on and off through a single device. It can save state either for everyone at once or individual players, and can be saved/loaded across different sessions.

Read more details on the Switch Device in the Device Updates section below and on the Fortnite Creative Documentation website.

Battle Royale Items

We’ve added the following Battle Royale items to Creative:

Device Updates


Place a Character, choose an outfit for it then select the pose you want. This can be used to place NPCs, display outfits, or create vignettes. Includes options for:

  • Character - Define what Character you want to show for the device. Select from a wide variety of outfits from Jonsey and Ramirez all the way up to Fennix and Night Witch.
  • Pose - Set a pose that the character will be placed in.
  • Emote - Set an emote for the character to play. This will then be activated when the Character receives a signal on the Play Emote When Receiving From channel.
  • Interact Type - Allow players to interact directly with your Character


The switch device is a button that can be toggled on and off, sending signals based on its new state.

  • Can optionally track have a unique state per player, making it great to keep track of if a player has completed a certain task.
  • Can Save/Load to persist across gameplay sessions in published islands.
    • Has multiple options for how to resolve the current state of the switch if you have many players loading different states and the switch is tracking the same state for everyone.
  • Has different visuals to select from so you can match it to the style of your island.


Signal remotes allow players to transmit signals without having to interact with a device. Simply equip your signal and press either Primary Fire or Secondary Fire to send one of two signals. What channels are transmitted is defined by the Signal Remote Manager. Simply place a remote manager in-game, drop your preferred remote in, then select channels for each input.

  • You require a signal remote manager linked to a remote before it will send signals.
  • You can also set a cooldown time for how often players can activate that remote.
  • There are currently 4 rarities of remote available, allowing players to send up to 8 signals directly.


We’ve updated the Skydome Device to add the following options

  • Clouds
    • Default option changed from Realistic to off
    • Clouds Speed
    • Clouds Direction
  • Ambient Light
    • Color
    • Intensity
      • Up to 100% to appear twice as bright.
  • Moon 2


  • Now allows for multiple Quests to be shown on the HUD at once, to help facilitate quests that take multiple sessions to resolve. In this update, up to 3 quests are to be displayed in the top left HUD.


  • Now has its own unique base.

Device Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Customizable Light Dim transition when players join in progress.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lock Device to prevent a failed signal when disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Matchmaking Portal device UI.
  • Fixed an issue with the Area Fog that caused it to not work with the VFX Spawner.
  • Fixed an issue with the Radio device that caused some tracks loops to be skipped after a certain time.

Prefab & Gallery Updates

  • Primitive Shapes Gallery Update
    • We have added 7 primitives to the gallery that are 6x larger than the previous primitives.
    • We also added 3 new materials to the primitives.
      • Chrome
      • Iridescent
      • World Grid
  • Added dark red curtains, drapes and rug to Spooky Prop Gallery B.

Prefab & Gallery Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where prefab and gallery assets were not resizing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some props, from Spooky Prop Gallery B, could not be seen from underneath.
  • Fixed an issue where the coliseum trim, from Colossal Coliseum Wall Gallery, could not be seen on the hub.

Island Updates

  • Added 2 New Islands
    • Survival Island - A balanced island with limited resources.
    • Survival Island Empty - A balanced island with no foliage.

Island Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where unused foliage actors were being referenced across multiple islands.

Gameplay Updates

  • The Bandage Bazooka now shows up as a "Ranged Weapon" in the Creative Consumables tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused conditional buttons to fail in sending a signal even when disabled.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to grab items inside of barriers when set to “All”.

UI Updates

  • HUD Info Type (Ranked) added
  • The 'All Devices' tab of the Channel Browser is now sorted alphabetically.

Save The World


Attention Commanders,

The Hexslyvania Venture Season continues to haunt on! As an early reminder, the Hexslyvania will be making its ghostly exit on November 16, so collect all the sweet rewards before that date sneaks up on you like a Husk in the night!

Another heads-ups Commanders. In a future update, the Save the World playlist will move out of the Sub-game select screen and join the rest of Fortnite in the Discovery menu. We will keep you updated on this process.

After weeks and weeks of searching, we have finally uncovered the new Dungeon just waiting to be explored! You’re probably eager to learn more about it, so let’s get started. Homebase Status Report - Initiate!

The Lab - Promo - Fortnite.png

Welcome To The New Dungeon - The Lab

In a seemingly abandoned town lies an eerie and mysterious underground shelter. The good news: this shelter is filled with plenty of Blu-Glo! The bad news: it is also filled with traps, Husks and...Husk Incubation Chambers? There is even more to watch out for Commanders. We are getting reports that a certain two-faced scientist takes residency in this facility, and he does not take kindly to strangers. Completing the Lab dungeon will unlock a new banner as well as a new soldier hero who thrives in chaos! For those up for a challenge, completing the Lab at max difficulty will unlock a new Spray. Dive into the Lab starting today!

Chaos Agent Hero - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

Chaos Agent Emerges From The Lab

“Sowing the Seeds of Chaos” - Chaos Agent

  • Standard Perk: Quick Fingers
    • Whenever you use any ability, Quick Fingers reloads your equipped weapon (if it can be reloaded).
  • Commander Perk: Quick Fingers+
    • Whenever you use any ability, Quick Fingers reloads your equipped weapon (if it can be reloaded). When you reload a weapon this way, you have a % chance to summon a phantasm based on how empty the clip was, with a cap of 80%.

Completing the Lab dungeon will unlock the new Hero, Chaos Agent

Coming To The Event Store October 16 (8 PM ET) - Dusk Takes Back The Night And The Ghost Pistol Makes An Ethereal Entrance

Pasted image 0.png


"Creatures of the night pack a dangerous bite."

  • Standard Perk: Phase Siphon
    • Dashing through enemies with Phase Shift heals 12 base Health per enemy passed through.
  • Commander Perk: Phase Siphon+
    • Dashing through enemies with Phase Shift heals 36 base Health per enemy passed through.

StW06 Social GhostPistol.jpg

Ghost Pistol

Its appearance may look like an apparition, but the impact of this pistol is as real as it gets. The Ghost Pistol fires spectral ammo capable of going through walls and enemies. It is the perfect way to show the world that you are ghost boss material.

Bladey Acres

That strange cube has invited the Homebase Squad to another one of the dark rituals. This one takes place at the Bladey Acres summer camp. It won’t be all fun and games though, as the camp just so happens to be loaded with dangerous, sharp objects… Don’t let this imminent slasher thriller scare you away from completing this questline, as doing so will reward you with everyone’s favorite Bloodhaven Pyrotechnic alumni, Raven. This Questline becomes available on October 16 at 8 PM ET

Raven - Promo - Fortnite.png

Raven, The Master Of Dark Skies

"I’m still outside..." - Raven

  • Standard Perk: Bang and Pow
    • Increases Lefty and Righty damage to enemies by 25%
  • Commander Perk: Bang and Pow +
    • Increases Lefty and Righty damage by 25%. Lefty and Righty causes explosions which deal 20 base energy damage in a .5 tile radius

BR06 Social Bloodfinder.png

Bloodfinder A.C. Receives An Invitation To The Event Store On October 23 (8 PM ET)

"My Knuckles leave an even worse mark than my fangs" - Bloodfinder A.C.

  • Standard Perk: Iron Knuckles
    • Increases Anti-Material Charge damage to enemies by 75%
  • Commander Perk: Iron Knuckles +
    • Increases Anti-Material Charge damage to enemies by 225%


The Fortnite Lars Pack

“Looks like the band is back together” - Lars

Lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Steel Wool (and renowned Storm Scientist) is ready to strum up some Husks!

The Lars Pack brings a new Hero and Outfit, the Lars Storm Strummer Backbling, Lars Prop Chop Pickaxe, the Lars Challenges, and access to Save the World. These exclusive Save the World challenges will earn you 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets.

The Cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative game modes. This new Pack series will have no impact on existing Founder daily login rewards or their V-Bucks earned, which is exclusive to early access Founders. These outfits may appear in the item shop in the future.

Will see you down in the Lab, Commanders!