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Spend upgrade points for improved gadgets and capabilities.
— In-Game Description

Upgrade is a menu in Fortnite: Save the World where you can upgrade Gadgets and Tools. It is found in the Command Tab.


  • Icon Gadget Adrenaline Rush.pngAdrenaline Rush (Restores health to players alive/downed)
  • Icon Gadget Airstrike.pngAir Strike (Drops bombs in a designated area)
  • Icon Gadget Banner.pngBanner (Healing all player built structures in a 1 tile, creates a shockwave and acts as a respawn point for friendly players.
  • Icon Gadget Turret Bot.pngHover Turret (A stationary hover turret {max:2})
  • Icon Gadget Proximity Mine.pngProximity Mine (Deploys mines that deal massive damage in a 1.5 tile)
  • Icon Gadget Slowfield.pngSlow Field (Reduces movement of enemies)
  • Icon Gadget Supply Drop.pngSupply Drop (Drops a box of materials from the sky)
  • Icon Gadget Teleporter.pngTeleporter (2 teleporting pads)


  • Backpack Size (Increases the number of items that can be carried)
  • Build & Repair Speed (The rate at which structures can be built/repaired from 0 - full health)
  • Building Health (Increases the health of structures)
  • Pickaxe Upgrade (Upgrades harvesting tool efficiency against world objects)
  • Storm Shield Storage Vault (Increase the number of items that can be put into the storage)