Hello, I'm a Discussion Moderator on this Wiki!

My Favorite Skins

Favorite Battle Pass Skins

Favorite Default

  • Headhunter

Favorite Seasons

Season 6 and Season 7

Favorite Vaulted Items

Clingers, Dual Pistols, Hunting Rifle, Tactical Assault Rifle


  • Trying to update the Item shop cosmetics every day with the new dates and occurrences.
  • Working on the Contrails section of the Wiki.

My Story

I started playing Fortnite during the end of season 7. My first win during season 7 was with a grenade launcher. I got the my first Battle Pass for free in season 8, but i spent all of my V-Bucks so i did not get the Season 9 Battle Pass. I bought my first skin, Brainiac during the Fortnightmares, 2019 event. Now I have gotten every battle pass from Season X-Season 14

https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/all/Haysccca3 My stats for Ps4 and if you want to add me.

My profile picture is from a series called wings of fire, which is my favorite book series:https://wingsoffire.fandom.com/f

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