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Hello! I am Lumine, or LuminePrime. I am an Administrator on the Fortnite Wiki.


I have played Fortnite since late Season 2 on and off, and have only fully played Season 9, and any season beyond Chapter 2: Season 3. Despite this I would say I am pretty knowledgeable in the content side of Fortnite, mainly Battle Royale. I own Save the World but play it very casually and have little interest in it. I have only reached max level (240) in Chapter 2: Season 4 and Chapter 2: Season 7 (200).

Aims and Goals on the Fortnite Wiki

When I first joined this Wiki, the Weapon pages and many items were in disarray (No Offense <3), and so I set out to standardise them and make sure every weapon and item in Battle Royale had a good looking page. As such, each Weapon, Item, Trap and Vehicle now uses the same format which I helped to create, alongside Sebas1801 who has been a great help to me <3

Other things I have helped to do: