Hello! I am Lumine, I go by LuminePrime in game due to naming issues. I have played Fortnite since early Season 3 on and off, and have only fully played Season 9, and Chapter 2: Season 4. Despite this I would say I am pretty knowledgeable in the content side of Fortnite, mainly Battle Royale. I own Save the World but play it very casually and have little interest in it.

I mainly like to edit the Weapon pages here, and sometimes some consumables and traps. Basically, I enjoy cleaning up the items in Battle Royale.

Completed Projects

My goal for this wiki has been to revamp existing pages which have very little details, mainly for different items.

So far I have revamped the list pages such as

Pages I have created

Projects in Progress

The work will never end for this wiki, so here are some projects I am working on, or hope to work on in the future

List of Template Pages

Weapon Template - Used for new weapons, or revamping existing weapons

Superpower Template - Used for Superpowers

Weapon Categories - Used for weapon categories

Item Template - Used for new items, or revamping existing items

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