The Forgotten Agent (No ENERGY)

I am called a Thread Moderator but I'd like to be called a Discussions Moderator

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I am an YouTube gamer, who loves fortnite, Star Wars, Minecraft and roleplaying!

I have a wiki at:


”Never Tell Me The Odds” - Han Solo/Harrison Ford

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  • [3] My YouTube Channel
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Questions And Answers:

I mostly play Team Rumble to do challenges

I have Save The World and my main hero type is a ninja

My main skin has been Hybrid for 4 seasons, before that it was Peely

I also play Minecraft and Star Wars Battlefront 2

I play on IPhone 7+ (#FreeFortnite) and Xbox One X

I record on my IPhone and use a facecam from my MacBook

I used to have a Scratch account but left it to join YouTube

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars

My timezone is AEST

My actual favourite wiki’s

The Fortnite wiki (this one)

My wiki (My personal wiki)

Wookiepedia (the Star Wars wiki)

Fellow User!

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