See that user there ? The guy with no profile pic who ended up being among the most active (except in the mornings), yet suffers from life stuff ? That's me. You're probably wondering how I came to this situation. Well, let's rewind all the way back (and I mean WAY back) and you're about to go through a whole story of events (note that some specifics will be omitted for privacy and double life stuff).

All right,

It all started back in the early 21th Century. Yeah, funny right ? The world could easily have ended at it's peak (the '90s) and it would've saved a lot of complications, but it didn't, The century turned, and here we are.

I was born in New Jersey near New York City. My parents aren't from there. Since then, lots of stuff happened, but I can't explain to y'all maybe when I'm famous as an adult. I grew up, had a hard time. Had a hard time knowing who to trust in school. Then, 2 years ago; I transferred outta town, had hard times, developed certain policies, had a hard schedule. Yeah. Then, when I first joined the new IRL life, I started learning about franchises I liked, which introduced me to FANDOM. I read wonderfully on many communities and dreamed of someday making an account. After that, more school stuff happend. It got better as first school year ended. Then, when second year began, and things got twisted. Eventually, things got alright though until...

Life was slowly being fixed and I had a growing chance of being able to come home. Then, the whole pandemic thingy happend. It ruined a lot of things, the school year, history, and soon the social distancing happened though thankfully my place was never fully quarantined. Now, it was in April that I finally made an account and boy am I glad I did. I hope to join other wikis I like someday.

Then, as you know, wiki history happend, this happened, and here I am. Wanna know how this story ends ? Yeah me too.


Here's a list of the main people here. Note: does not include pre members

Identity Usename Notes Dates
  • ThatISAPirate
  • NathanMa17 (formerly)
The first of the main people here to arrive, he has been a rather significant member of the group, and sort of the leader for a while.

(all I can say

so far)

  • The Bansheee
A bit older (and to an extent, a bit more mature) than the rest of us, he came here in December and

rose to be rather prominent.

  • The Arcane Blades
Arrived at Halloween, he has been rather wonderful, and all. A good friend of the community, he has paralleled Bansheee in a few ways. After trying for Disc. Mod, he got rollback and joined Gamepedia and became admin there. He eventually got Content Mod but lost it due to Tablegate and stuff.
OG Pirate
  • ThatIsAPirate
The original owner of the account ThatIsAPirate, he was an IRL friend of Nathan's who joined as a good friend and was eventually made admin. When he left, Nathan took the account over by unknown means.
  • Remnic
Having come in February, he was eager to help out, and did a nice job alongside Pirate and co. and eventually gained Discusions Mod. Surprsingly, he was a little harsh with certain users, a little overprotective at times. He eventually left and can only be found on Discord.
Jayden, Batman

(before username change

  • Jayden Anin
  • Batmanvssuperman5400 (formerly)
Having joined early, he was rather cool, and had a cool time here. From John Wick to Deadpool, he was various people, before changing his username and getting addicted to Sonic. He then got a global ban and stuff cauding his frineds to support him. After it ended, he wasn't as active and at some point let go of Sonic. Until his username change, "Batman" was assumed to be his real name.
  • Zakthepower4101
A cool gamer who came here in April. After a career as a detective, he rose a ranks of the wiki, and became a close friend.
  • EmberWolf12
Rem's former best friend, he has been a major part of the wiki. He continued to stay after Rem's death (though he has been rather inactive...)
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