Battle Star - Icon - Fortnite.pngVEGANS-SavageSlayer is a Content Moderator for the Fortnite Wiki.


Hi. I'm VEGANS (as most people call me). I'm a Content Moderator for the Fortnite Wiki. I started editing on the Wiki on January 2020. Then on March 15th, i joined this place. The legends that made me stay here are gone but I am stil friends with them.

My Discord Is VoidWasEjected#7397. Please Don't DM Me From 9:00 PM EST to 7:00 AM EST for I won't be on/sleeping.

Trophy - Banner Icon - Fortnite.pngThe Legends

Oro - Outfit - Fortnite.png ThatIsAPirate: Literally the former admin that told me the proper basics of editing. He has like 10K Edits and Discussion Posts! (Noice). He was perma-blocked though because he raged (most presumably after an edit conflict).
Fennix - Outfit - Fortnite.png Oreo:Remnic (Who was revealed to be a furry) was great friends with Pirate and EmberWolf12. He was a discussions moderator during is time and indeed he was a good friend. He did leave for Discord However.

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