aka Savage-Slayer-U (O.G Username)

  • I live in The place I live (like bruh)
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is E-Student (thanks covid-19)
  • I am Spider Man
  • Bio M
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  • Epic Username: SavAgeSlAyer-U
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Status: Away until 7/20/2020
Current Homebase Power: 55
Current Max Homebase Storm Shield Endurance Wave: 9
Current Reigon : Canny Valley
Chapter 2: Season 3 Level: 60 (2 Outfits Left in the Battle Pass.)

Hi. I am not active for a few weeks due to ExCeSsIvE uSaGe Of mY lApTop.

My Stats

Save the World/PvE

Battle Royale/PvP Yes, I know i dont have lots of wins but do I CARE.



So, why the fuck are you still here. Go to Discussions or start EDITING..

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