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Hello User! I am XplodeGoughy, a rollback and frequent editor on the Fortnite Wiki. I joined this wiki on September 10th, 2020, and was promoted to rollback on January 21st, 2021.

  • Epic Username: Hypernoob._.
  • Discord Username:CommunistCheese#4445

To-Do Explanation
Limited Time Modes Firstly, revamp every limited time mode page. Then, fix the categories of the limited time modes pages. Then, fix the main limited time modes page. THEN, THENNNNNN, revamp all core gamemodes and fix the main page for them. T H E N, revamp the main Fortnite: Battle Royale page.
Categories Go through every page on the wiki (lol i get it thats gonna take ages). Then, see if there are any categories that need removing or adding.
Image Naming Go through the list of image files, and move every wrongly named file to the right name, according to the wiki's image naming policy.
Music Add all audio files to the lobby music pages.
Save The World Firstly, I know nothing about save the world. I will need to do a lot of research into this game mode. Then, when I have done that, fix the entire save the world section of this wiki.

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