Commanders, we are under fire!

Unfortunately for the entirety of the Fortnite Wiki, a blog has to be made for our users to be made aware of the problems occurring and what we will do to resolve this.

Why You Should Stay & Continue To Edit Here

Having a large community with tens of thousands of viewers each day is alot of responsibility and it is in our utmost importance to provide users with a enjoyable, fun and safe experience editing here at the Fortnite Wiki. Our users will always be welcomed and looked after. We are open to discussions and new ideas you bring forth to better improving our community.

Things That Have Occurred Lately

Unfortunately having a perfect Wiki cannot always be the case. Every once in awhile we will have new and old users who no longer abide by our Rules.

  • Common broken rules are vandalism, disrespect, flaming, and drama.

This can be from multiple reasoning's. Such as no longer having interest in Fortnite, issues with other users and or not following our rules.

As staff members of the Fortnite Wiki, we want to ensure you that having an issue on our Wiki is very slim. There should never be a reason for a user to be in trouble if they follow our instructions. Once in awhile we give out warnings to ensure users are being properly redirected so that their original offense doesn't occur again. We are also very fair and allow users to continue editing again even after an offense. Getting permanent banned is hard to accomplish.

Manipulation / Lies

It has come to our attention that the amount of hatred and manipulation towards our wiki and staff has been lies and distortion. And unfortunately this has been spread to a vast amount of our users through the discussion board. We want to apologize for allowing some of this inappropriate behavior to reach our community. We have since made adjustments to our staff team and will continue to defend against these types of disrespectful and misbehaving users.

We have been harassed, attacked and lied to, to publicly shame us. Many new accounts were created to trick you.. These users who have contributed to disrespectful behavior have been banned. All of them have been unfortunately directed by a former Admin who has told them to raid us in retaliation of him being permanently banned just weeks prior. We even had a Discussion Moderator who was directed from this former Admin who is now demoted and banned that would create new accounts to spread these rumors too..

This behavior will likely be seen again in the coming days or even weeks as our staff members are not able to properly watch over the Fortnite Wiki on a 24/7 basis. We want you to NOT follow the propaganda that will be seen as it is misguided information. Our staff members will not tolerate this behavior and will be thoroughly looking out for threads and posts like this and take swift and immediate action.

Why Trust The Fortnite Staff?

Every thread and comment that has been thrown at us has been without proof and was squashed. Staff have asked specifically for times from the raiders where our negative claims were used/seen and ways in which we can improve if any. Not a single user bashing our Fortnite Wiki could provide any. The former Admin who had also made claims has not once ever provided actual proof.. We asked him for proof. He couldn't provide any. One of the users raiding was also challenged to give examples. He formally apologized for making the claims because he knew he was wrong. (These threads/posts can all be found in the discussions board. Proof from us. No names mentioned)

Now, there are countless threads of this former Admin being abusive, disrespectful and downright irresponsible of their own behavior on our wiki threads and even discussion boards before they were permanently banned. We gave them lots of warnings! We kindly ask of the users following his direction to STOP. You are the real ones being lied to and manipulated. We will offer second chances to those who deserve them and come forth for their mistakes in the future.

The Community We Know

In these tough times we'd also would like to thank the community members who made their voices apparent, and who have defended our Fortnite Wiki and Staff. You have not gone unnoticed!

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