Jayden Anin

aka aka

  • I live in Perris, CA
  • I was born on August 22
  • My occupation is Idk
  • I am the biggest sonic addict ever
  • Jayden Anin

    Editer Of The Month

    March 16, 2020 by Jayden Anin

    So, I wanted to start doing this thing i'd do called, Well, You read the blog right, Editer of the month where i talk about who has edited the most in the past month and ha done a good job like, with Images,Badges,And any other stuff like that. So, Editer of the month will be Remnic  Because lets be honest, If a person can reach 1,402 edits in 3-4 weeks thats Impressive. Also, He edits every day and does a good job. Just a few days ago, He  Became top 3 on the leaderboard. So good job Remnic and i'll see you guys next month when i decide to do this again.

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  • Jayden Anin

    So, I wanted to get this "Blog" Thing out of the way, But i've been grounded for 2 months, So i might not be able to edit for awhile.

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