We are no longer looking for Rollbacks, but if you are still interested in the position, feel free to contact myself or Blueoptic and we will provide you with feedback.

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We are looking for active users who would like to protect the Fortnite Wiki against vandalism!

Rollback Responsibilities & Rights:

Anyone can revert vandalism and bad-faith edits, but it takes a couple of clicks in the page history to get it done. The "rollback" permission allows a user to undo bad edits with one click: by using the rollback link on diff pages, the user's contributions page, or the list of recent changes.

While you may never have to use your rights, this role grants you access to a staff-exclusive channel on our discord - this should give you an insight into what it's like being Staff, and us the chance to evaluate you for a possible promotion to Content Moderator.

Due to this, rollback can be considered a trial-moderator role, so we are not only looking for amount of edits but those who exceed expectations and are role models to the community. Whether that is simply being involved in threads answering and guiding users with their questions or even promoting positivity.


  • Minimum 2 months registry.
  • Minimum 500 content related edits.
    • These should be focused on quality, rather than quantity or you will not be considered for the role at all.
  • Not involved in drama.
  • Never been banned.

Additionally, owning discord is a big advantage and we may prioritise those who own it, and are on our server.

Open Spots

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Are You Interested?

  • Leave a comment below and we will reply to you whether you are accepted or not.
    • If you are not accepted, we will also give you some feedback - things to improve on.

Do not reply to this thread if you are not interested in applying for rollback. Your message will be deleted.

Also, please still reply if you have recently contacted a Staff Member to apply for this role (and not been accepted) - we would like to see everyone interested in this role replying.

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