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Valuable currency used to purchase goods from the store.
— In-Game Description

V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite V-Bucks (Vinder-Bucks) are the main Currency in Fortnite. They are created by Vindertech.

Their primary use varies between Gamemodes, but they always end up serving to the same purpose: purchasing cosmetic items that grant no competitive advantage.


V-Bucks can be purchased with real-life currency in increments of:

In All Gamemodes

V-Bucks in all Gamemodes have two uses: to purchase cosmetic items from the Item Shop, and to purchase the Battle Pass, alongside purchases in relation to it. Item Shop purchases will have a set price for each item or bundle, in which the player can spend their V-Bucks to obtain an item. The Battle Pass always costs 950 V-Bucks, and will award the player with 1,500 V-Bucks upon full completion (or completion to the last level / tier where V-Bucks can be obtained). The Free version of the Battle Pass will also grant 300 V-Bucks per season, if completed to the necessary level / tier. Players can purchase tiers or Battle Stars for 150 V-Bucks to advance in the Battle Pass quickly. Players can also purchase a bundle of 25 Levels on purchase of the Battle Pass, and late in the season can purchase advancement bundles which further advance the player several levels / tiers, with a discounted price. Introduced in Chapter 3: Season 1 but nowadays removed, players could purchase levels beyond level 100.

In Fortnite Festival

V-Bucks in Fortnite Festival can be used to purchase the Festival Pass, alongside purchases in relation to it. The Festival Pass costs 1,800 V-Bucks, and when purchased, unlocks the option to purchase tiers for 150 V-Bucks each in order to advance in the Festival Pass quickly.

Formerly in Save the World

Prior to Update v9.40, V-Bucks were used and gained in Save the World in a multitude of different ways. V-Bucks were rewarded for Daily Login Rewards, finishing Daily Quests, completing Storm Shield Defenses and for the completion of the Collection Book, and they could have been used to purchase Llama Pinatas and unslot people/schematics that were previously slotted in the Collection Book. After v9.40, only owners of the Founder's Edition of Fortnite are able to gain and were able to spend V-Bucks in Save the World. For new players, they were replaced by X-Ray Tickets, which have the same function, but cannot be spent outside Save the World.

Since Update v20.00, Founders also can't spend V-Bucks in Save the World. Llamas now costs X-Ray Tickets, and unslotting people/schematics from the Collection Book costs Legendary Flux. This also results in Founders now being awarded V-Bucks and X-Ray Tickets from ways that previously only awarded V-Bucks (e.g. Daily Quests).

Obtaining V-Bucks

V-Bucks are obtained via the following methods, and only the following methods. Other methods not listed are likely fraudulent, and should be reported to Epic Games:

Using real world currency

  • Purchasing V-Bucks via the in-game V-Bucks page, or through a device store (e.g. Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Epic Games Store, etc). Up to 13,500 V-Bucks can be purchased at once.
  • Claiming a V-Buck card from a retailer allows for the redemption of up to 13,500 V-Bucks.
  • Some Limited Time Offer Packs allows the player to obtain a differing amount of V-Bucks depending on price. Packs may require challenges to obtain all rewards.
  • A Fortnite Crew subscription grants 1,000 V-Bucks per month, as well as 950 V-Bucks per season, if the player has already purchased the Battle Pass. If the Battle Pass is not purchased, the player will instead receive access to it.

Save the World

The following below only apply to Founder's Edition Owners: (Since Update v20.00 they are rewarded with both V-Bucks and X-Ray Tickets)

  • Daily Quests grant 80, 90 or even 130 V-Bucks per day, with the player being able to 'hold' three challenges at once. Players can refresh one challenge per day, this resets the challenge's progress, but may grant an easier to complete challenge, or one that grants more V-Bucks.
  • Mission Alerts may provide players with a small sum of V-Bucks upon successful completion of said mission, depending on what zone the Mission Alert is in. Stonewood's Mission Alerts rewards 25, Plankerton's rewards 30, Canny Valley's rewards 35, and Twine Peaks' rewards 40. It’s worth noting that some events more than double Mini-Bosses missions alerts, meaning it also increases V-Bucks income during the event.
  • Completing Storm Shield Defenses 1-9 will reward the player 100 V-Bucks, while Storm Shield Defense 10 will grant 150 V-Bucks on completion.

Removed Content

  • Save the World's events used to grant V-Bucks. The last event that had V-Bucks as reward for completing some of it's Event Quests was Road Trip, in Season 5.
  • After Update v6.30, the Collection Book no longer rewards V-Bucks upon reaching certain levels.
  • Daily Login Rewards could reward the player with V-Bucks after certain day cycles just for logging in. Players usually earned 150 V-Bucks at the end of some week cycles (7 or 14 days), 300 every month cycle (28 days), 800 every 4 month cycle (112 days) and 1,000 every 12 month cycle (336 days). These incomes did not stack up, meaning the player would only be granted the highest value out of all four possibilites.

Battle Royale

  • Players receive 300 V-Bucks per season by completing the required amount of the Free Battle Pass.
  • Players who have purchased the Battle Pass can gain 1,500 V-Bucks per season by completing the required amount of the Battle Pass.
  • Players can refund items that they have bought in the last month by using a Refund Ticket. Each account starts with 3 refunds, and a single Refund Ticket refreshes every year, starting whenever the first refund is spent. Players can also refund a recently bought item without using a Refund Ticket by selecting it in the Item Shop (before using it in a match or within 24 hours after the purchase) and holding the Cancel Purchase option. This can only be done once per item.
  • Items that have been mistakenly added to the Item Shop can be refunded without using a Refund Ticket, sometime forcefully if the item was removed from the game. Examples include the Wild Music Pack, which was refunded for those who bought it in the Item Shop, and the Gunner Pet, which was removed from player's Lockers. In situations like the Gunner Pet, in addition to the refund, extra V-Bucks were given as compensation.


  • Server Outages or issues relating to specific consoles may result in V-Buck compensation.
  • When a Support a Creator code is discontinued, the owner of the code can choose to have their balance redeemed in real money or V-Bucks. Choosing the latter is the only current way to receive V-Bucks in increments of anything other than 5 or 10.

Maximizing Founder's Edition Save the World V-Bucks Income

Calculated - Emote - Fortnite
This section outlines a strategy.
Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

Quests Tips

  • A new Daily Quest becomes available every day at the same time as the Item Shop rotates (00:00 UTC).
  • You can replace one Daily Quest each day.
  • Use the Daily Quests graph to determine if your Daily Quest is worth keeping.
  • Daily Destroy Quest can be done by your teammates, but in a Husk Extermination Quest, you need to damage the slain husks.
  • Remember to look your minimap for yellow exclamation marks when searching for Daily Destroy objects. Those objects will also become outlined as you come closer to them.
  • Beginning of the “Save the World” grants high income of V-Bucks. Side Quests/Challenges will eventually be finished.
  • Storm Shield Defenses and forest areas should be avoided for most of the Daily Destroy quests.
  • Try to complete as many V-Buck rewarding tasks as possible in the same mission.

Mission Alerts Tips

  • Mission Alerts change every every day at the same time as Daily Quests refreshes and the Item Shop rotates, and may sometimes change when a new Update is released. It can be completed once for the bonus reward, which may include V-Bucks.
  • Progressing in the main questline unlocks new areas to find more Mission Alerts.
  • Current V-Bucks rewarded Mission Alerts (if any) can be seen at FortniteDB, including all other Mission Alerts available.
  • While all types of Mission Alerts includes bonus rewards, only Mini-Boss missions can reward V-Bucks. This also means that when there is no specific Common Element for most Mission Alerts, the greater are the chances of a Mini-Boss Mission Alert spawning, therefore, increasing the chances of Mission Alerts that rewards V-Bucks.


Chapter 2: Season 3

  • Update v13.40: Lowered the real life cost of V-Bucks by about 20% (not including bonus V-Bucks).

Chapter 3: Season 2

  • Update v20.00: V-Bucks cannot be spent on Fortnite: Save the World anymore.
    • Llamas are now purchased with X-Ray Tickets and unslotting Collection Book items now requires Flux.

Chapter 4: Season 4

Chapter 4: Season OG

  • Update v27.00: Raised the real life cost of V-Bucks by about 12.5% (not including bonus V-Bucks) for some countries.

Chapter 5: Season 2