A beacon for hope.
— In-game description

Valor is a Legendary skin from the Season 4 Battle Pass at Tier 71.


  • She appears in the Loading Screen Showdown where she is punching Diecast.
  • She is commonly referred to as 'Wonder Woman' by the community due to her appearance.

Cosmetic Review

Her hair is a mixture of purples and reds. She has a high ponytail with a red and silver embellishment. Her neck is covered by a red and silver neck piece which connects to her arm bands. Her skirt is a dark gray and a lighter gray in a striped layer, presumably to look like feathers of a bird. Her forearms are covered by gloves which has silver lining and a red jewel in the center of the back of her hand. Her boots are mainly red and on her shins there is a what appears to be a falcon's beak and wings.


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