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Vaulting is a gameplay mechanic in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The concept of vaulting was first introduced in Season 2.


When an item is vaulted in Fortnite, it means that the item is no longer present in Standard Playlists. Standard Playlists refers to Solos, Duos, Trios and Squads, but can sometimes also apply to Team Rumble or Arena. The item in question cannot be legitimately obtained in any of these modes, if it is vaulted. Items which are still present in Limited Time Modes, or Creative are still vaulted.

Items are usually vaulted or unvaulted at the launch of a new season, but can be unvaulted any time during the season, such as seasonal events like Wild Weeks. In rare instances, players get a choice on which item is unvaulted.

When an item's rarity is adjusted, such as when the Suppressed Pistol had its rarity shifted from Epic/Legendary to Rare/Epic, the removed rarity is not vaulted, but instead it no longer exists. Also, when an item is temporarily disabled, it is also not considered vaulted, as its removal is usually undone in a hotfix.

Reasons for Vaulting

There are several reasons as to why items can be Vaulted:

  • Loot Pool Refreshing: If an item has remained in the game for a long time, it may be vaulted in order to change the meta of the game, and offer players a fresh new experience.
    • This may include some items being underused, and as such they may be vaulted to reduce them appearing in game, as many players will not want to use them.
  • Balance: If an item is perceived as 'Overpowered' (Meaning it is too powerful for the game), it can be vaulted, rather than given an adjustment. Furthermore, some items can be vaulted in order to allow the developers to properly re-balance it.
  • Seasonal and Thematic Reasons: Items such as the sets of Primal and Makeshift Weaponry were vaulted after the end of Chapter 2: Season 6, as the 'Primal' season ended, and focus shifted to other thematic weaponry. As such, these weapons were vaulted.
    • This includes seasonal items, such as the Egg Launcher, which is vaulted at the end of Easter, and any Mythic or Regular weaponry dropped by AI, as it the AI may be removed to fit the new season theme, or simply the AI was replaced.
  • Technical Reasons: Items may be vaulted due to a need to rework existing mechanics, or to reduce confusion or duplication of items.
    • The Crafting items present in Chapter 2: Season 6 were vaulted in favor of simplifying the system in the next season.
    • The Compact SMG was vaulted due to confusion surrounding its existence in relation to the high tier Submachine Gun.
    • Some items, such as the Eye of the Storm Tracker, were added as a mistake, and as such are vaulted quickly.

List of Vaulted Items

For a full list of Vaulted Items, see Vaulted Items.


The Following is not a complete list of Vaulted Items, and only includes the most important vaultings.

Season 1

  • Update v1.8: Added the Pumpkin Launcher, and Vaulted the Rocket Launcher.
    • This is the first Explosive Weapon, Weapon and Item in general to be vaulted.
  • Update v1.9.1: Unvaulted the Rocket Launcher, and Vaulted the Pumpkin Launcher
    • This is the first Explosive Weapon, Weapon and Item in general to be unvaulted.
      • It also marks the completion of the first seasonal replacement.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Update v4.20: Added the Eye Of The Storm Tracker in Rare rarity and Vaulted the Eye Of The Storm Tracker within 30 minutes of its inclusion.

Season 5

  • Update v5.10 Content Update: Unvaulted the Guided Missile.
    • This is the first item to be unvaulted which did not have a seasonal replacement.

Season 6

Season 7

  • Update v7.10 Content Update #3: Dual Pistols unvaulted in both rarities.
    • This is the first Pistol to be unvaulted.
  • Update v7.40: Unvaulted Clingers
    • This is the first item to be unvaulted.
  • Cupid's Crossbow has been unvaulted for the Valentine's Day 2019 Event, in Epic rarity only.
    • This is the first Bow to be unvaulted.

Season 8

  • Update v8.10: Vaulted Common Rarity of the Infantry Rifle.
    • This is the first time a weapon has had one of its rarities vaulted, with the weapon itself remaining unvaulted.
  • Update v8.30: The Unvaulting Event results in the first place chosen item to be unvaulted.
    • The Drum Gun is the winner, and is the first Assault Weapon to be unvaulted.

Season 9

  • Update v9.10: Unvaulted the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in both rarities.
    • This is the first Sniper Rifle to be Unvaulted.
  • Update v9.30: The Pump Shotgun was unvaulted, only available in Uncommon and Rare.
    • This is the first Shotgun to be unvaulted.
  • Update v9.41 Content Update #3: Unvaulted Birthday Cake for Fortnite's 2nd Birthday.
    • This is the first foraged item to be unvaulted.

Season X

  • Update v10.40: Unvaulted the Bouncer.
    • This is the first Trap to be unvaulted.

Chapter 2: Season 1

  • Update v11.00: The set of available weapons are reworked massively to coincide with the season, and a large amount of weapons are vaulted.
    • Included in this is Chug Splash, making it the first healing item to be vaulted
    • Several new rarities of items are also vaulted within the hour of this update launching.

Chapter 2: Season 2

  • Update v12.50: Unvaulted all Lightsabers from May 2nd to May 5th.
    • This is the first Melee Weapon to be unvaulted.

Chapter 2: Season 3

Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6

  • Update v16.00: Vault Changes
    • Vaulted all remaining Sniper Rifles.
    • Vaulted Heavy Ammo.
      • This marks the first time a whole category of weapons has been vaulted, as well as the first time an ammo type has been Vaulted (Energy Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Energy Ammo was removed).
    • Vaulted the Common Assault Rifle
    • Vaulted the Pistol in all Rarities.
      • These mark the first time either of these weapons have ever been vaulted since their inclusion with the launch of Battle Royale. This is the first time any of the Assault Rifle Rarities have been vaulted, and the first time the pistol was completely vaulted.
    • Vaulted several Exotic weapons:
      • Burst Quad Launcher.
      • The Big Chill.
      • Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle.
      • Boom Sniper Rifle.
      • Storm Scout.
      • Night Hawk
        • These are the first Exotic items to be Vaulted.

Chapter 2: Season 7

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00:
    • Vaulted Rocket Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Rockets for the first time.
    • Vaulted every standard weapon present in the game.
      • Weapons such as the Harpoon Gun, and various Exotic weapons remain.

Chapter 3: Season 2