(Not to be confused with The Vault, a vault used to remove weapons.)

Vaults are a type of location in Fortnite only found in Boss Locations. They contain E.G.O. or A.L.T.E.R Chests which contain special loot.


Exterior Vaults are guarded by Sentry Turrets . The only way to get past them is either by destroying the Boss Location's Power systems, destroying them manually, or avoiding the detection beam. After that, you need the corresponding Vault Card of the Boss Location to open it. Vaults always contain good loot, but at a cost. You have to defeat henchmen and a boss to get the keycard. (Unless you defeat a player with a keycard)


Vaults have many Henchmen Chests that will contain loot based on the type of Mythic Weapon, Boss. and Henchman Weapons along with the a Supply Drop that has no Balloon attached. There will be a Port-a-potty with a secret passage once you have looted the entirety of the Vault. Most Vaults will have similar layout. The Fortilla vault contains more loot, while the Authority is at the center of the map, so it is more convienient.


  • The Chapter 2 Season 3 Vaults are located at the locations below:
  1. The Authority (by Jules)
  2. Catty Corner (by Kit)
  3. The Fortilla (by Ocean)
  4. Rickety Rig (Open Vault)
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