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Jack up your ride, and forge your own trail with these Chonkers!
— In-Game Description

Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires are a Common Misc. Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were added in Chapter 2: Season 6.


This item can be used on Cars to make them faster off-road, improving mobility around the island with vehicles. Off-Road Tires are larger than default tires and thus easier targets, but they also have increased Health to compensate, having 80 HP, significantly higher than the default tires' 30 HP.

If you throw them on the ground, they will transform into a stack of tires, with an option to pick them back up.


Rarity Chest Rare Chest Floor Loot Supply Drop Fishing





Uniquely, Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires can be found as items in a large amount, behind Mighty Monument.

Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires have a 50% chance of spawning when destroying a normal tire stack prop.

Strategy Guide

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  • Vehicles with Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires can climb mountains and steep hills with ease, just watch out for the increased suspension.
  • Players can throw Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires to potentially negate fall damage from high drops.
  • You can use Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires to repair burst tires on your car, or add wheels to a static decayed vehicle.
  • Throwing Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires at an opponent can cause them to bounce away and receive fall damage.


Chapter 2: Season 6

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.20: The off-road tires now move prop objects upon impact. This is likely a bug.
    • Hotfix: Patched the issue, tires now work as normal, placed several of them at the base of Mighty Monument.

Chapter 3: Season 2


  • Players can become a stack of tires by activating a prop disguise from a character. Deactivating the disguise causes Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires to spawn.
  • The item is referred to as 'Chonkers' in a daily quest in Chapter 3: Season 1, in the item's description, and on the item's model.
  • If a vehicle with Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires has its tires burst, using a Repair Torch will respawn them.
  • The Armored Battle Bus spawns with Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires as default.
  • Players cannot remove Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires from a vehicle, only add them or burst the tires.
  • The spawning of Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires at Mighty Monument refers to a bug where players could throw the tires at the statue at Mighty Monument, and knock it off the pedestal.