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Vehicles are a special type of item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They are drivable props used to transport the player around the map, deal damage to enemies, or provide other mobility based utility.


Vehicles come in different varieties, and are usable across Land, Sea and Air. Rather than taking up a spot in your inventory (aside from the Mounted Turret) vehicles are located around the map in different locations.

A Vehicle's primary use is to transport the player around the map at a higher speed than sprinting. However, vehicles can also be used to negate fall damage, reach higher ground, travel across water, or deal damage to opponents and structures. As such, vehicles are very diverse in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Plenty of Vehicle's have multiple seats, allowing for players to transfer squad members, and even opponents across long distances. However, some vehicles only have a single seat.

List of Vehicles

List of Vehicles in Fortnite: Battle Royale
Vehicle Name Image Seats Hitpoints Possible to deal Damage? Notes:
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
2 400 Cannot Damage Players First Vehicle Added.
All Terrain Kart
ATK - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
4 400 Cannot Damage Players Speed Boost Obtainable by Drifting

Roof acts like Tires for bouncing.

Quadcrasher - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
2 400 Ram Damage Has a boost that is useful for destroying structures.
Mounted Turret
Mounted Turret - Trap - Fortnite.png
1 1,000 Can deal damage Technically a Trap. Functions close to a Vehicle.
X-4 Stormwing
X-4 Stormwing - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
5 5,000 Ram damage, and Machine Gun Can Boost and Airbrake.

Glider Redeploy enabled upon Ejection. Requires Fuel.

Driftboard - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
1 300 Cannot Damage Players Player can use weapons and items whilst on the Driftboard.
Pirate Cannon
Pirate Cannon - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
2 800 Cannonball Damage Players can be launched out of the cannon.
The Baller
Baller - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
1 150 Cannot Damage Players Has a Grappler built in.
B.R.U.T.E. - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
2 1,250 Shotgun, Stomp, Self Destruct Damage Required two players to fully operate.

Can self destruct.

Motorboat - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
4 800 Missile Damage Has a boost function.

Shoots missiles which deal massive structure damage. Requires Fuel.

Choppa - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
5 1,500 Ram Damage, Blade Damage Has a boost function.

Can play 'Ride of the Valkyries' with its loudspeaker

Loot Shark
Loot Shark - NPC - Fortnite.png
1 2,000 Bites at players for damage Is an AI first. Can only be driven by using a Fishing Rod or Pro Fishing Rod near it.
Islander Prevalent
Islander Prevalent - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
4 800 Ram Damage Can appear as a Taxi Cab or a standard coupe. Requires Fuel.
Victory Motors Whiplash
Victory Motors Whiplash - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
2 1,000 Ram Damage Has a boost function which consumes extra fuel. Requires Fuel.
OG Bear
OG Bear - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
4 1,200 Ram Damage Moves the same speed on any terrain. Requires Fuel.
Titano Mudflap
Titano Mudflap - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
2 1,200 Ram Damage Almost always found Booted. Deal highest Ram Damage. Requires Fuel.
Saucer - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
5 600 Ram Damage 100% Spawn Chance. Once taken down, it will regenerate its health.

Radio Stations

Main article: Radio Stations

Some Vehicles in Fortnite: Battle Royale can access Radio Stations. There are 7 radio stations:

  • Party Royale
  • Radio Yonder
  • Beat Box
  • Power Play
  • Rocket league Radio (Removed)
  • Rock And Royale
  • Underground Radio

These all contain copyrighted songs, featuring music from artists such as Ariana Grande, Juice Wrld, Drake, and Marshmello. Party Royale only plays music from the Fortnite Soundtrack, mainly lobby music.


  • The Shopping Cart previously had the ability to be moved by a player shooting a Minigun from the passenger seat. This was removed at an unknown time.
  • The All Terrain Kart was seen in the Season 5 trailer, being rifted to the island alongside Drift and the Durr Burger.
  • A Common or Uncommon daily quest requires players to complete a Quadcrasher race in Party Royale. This is the only instance of the vehicle being mentioned in Chapter 2 beyond the Party Royale game mode.
  • The Player can use healing items whilst in the passenger seat of any vehicle, and also the 'driver's' seat of a Driftboard. This allows for items that normally do not allow movement whilst being consumed, to be consumed whilst moving.
  • Motorboats lose 1 Hit Point per second whilst driving on Land.
  • The X-4 Stormwing is the fastest vehicle in the game.
  • There was going to be a Police Car vehicle in the game, but since the Cars were added in late Chapter 2: Season 3, this lined up with real world controversy surrounding police brutality. As such, it was likely Epic Games stopped the inclusion of a Police Car, as well as removed all Police Car props from the map. The old model for the Police Car can still be seen when using a Junk Rift, and the new model can be seen here.
  • On inclusion of Radio Stations, Motorboats and Choppas briefly had the functionality to use them. This was removed however.
  • Until Chapter 2: Season 5, Motorboats and the X-4 Stormwing did not require fuel to function. However, this may have been planned sooner, as The Fortilla in both instances had a Gas Station built into it, allowing for Motorboats to be refilled.
  • When a Car is destroyed, it will produce a burned and destroyed prop similar to the car that was destroyed. This prop will interact with the environment, but shortly disappear. Exploded cars will also produce fire.
  • The Pirate Cannon present in Party Royale cannot be driven, only the Cannon seat is functional.
  • Vehicles can be "repaired" by parking them near a lit Cozy Campfire.