Upgrade and override.
— In-Game Description

Vendetta is a Legendary Outfit that can be unlocked from the Season 9 Battle Pass at Tier 100.

Cosmetic Review

An average person with an unknown logo, Vendetta is a progressive Outfit that progress from an average human with ALTF9 logo imprinted on him to a cybernetic advanced warrior.

Vendetta has 4 styles and 6 colors: Orange, Light Orange, Neon Blue, Dark Grey, Neon Green, and White.



Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Vendetta (Stage 2) - Fortnite.PNG
Vendetta (Stage 3) - Fortnite.PNG
Vendetta (Stage 4) - Fortnite.PNG
Stage 5
Vendetta (Stage 5) - Fortnite.PNG


Teal Light Orange Dark Gray
Vendetta - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Vendetta (Orange Shirt) - Fortnite.PNG
Vendetta (Black Shirt) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Vendetta (Light Grey Shirt) - Fortnite.PNG

Secondary Color

Red Hood Neon Blue Hood Orange Hood
Vendetta - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Vendetta (Neon Blue Hood) - Fortnite.PNG
Vendetta (Orange Hood) - Fortnite.PNG
Neon Green Hood
Vendetta (Green Hood) - Fortnite.PNG


Challenges Reward
Completion Rewards
Complete any 12 Challenges Vendetta - Banner - Fortnite.png Banner
Gain 20,000 XP Vendetta (Stage 2) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Stage 2
Gain 75,000 XP Vendetta (Stage 3) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Stage 3
Gain 150,000 XP Vendetta (Stage 4) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Stage 4
Gain 250,000 XP Vendetta (Stage 5) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Stage 5
Complete 45 Weekly Challenges Vendetta (Orange Hood) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Orange Hood
Complete 55 Weekly Challenges Retribution - Back Bling - Fortnite.png Retribution
Complete 65 Weekly Challenges Vendetta (Orange Shirt) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Light Orange Shirt
Outlast 1,000 Opponents Vendetta (Neon Blue Hood) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Orange Hood
Outlast 5,000 Opponents Mech Axe - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png Mech Axe
Outlast 10,000 Opponents Vendetta (Black Shirt) - Outfit - Fortnite.png Vendetta Black Shirt
Collect 80 Fortbytes Vendetta (Light Grey Shirt) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Light Grey Shirt
Collect 85 Fortbytes Vendetta (Green Hood) - Fortnite.PNG Vendetta Neon Green Hood



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