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This Page/Section is about an item that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Venom’s Smash & Grab is a Superpower in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2: Season 4. It is dropped from Stark Supply Drones.


When used, the player will launch a venom arm in the direction the player is looking. If aimed at a structure, it will instantly break it, and pierce through builds behind it too. If it is aimed an opponent, it will deal damage to them, and pull them towards the user.


Venom’s Smash & Grab is dropped randomly after destroying Stark Supply Drones.


Venom’s Smash & Grab deals 60 damage (60 Damage per Second).

Venom’s Smash & Grab
Venom's Smash and Grab - Superpower - Fortnite.png
DPS: 60
Damage: 60
Fire Rate: 1
Structure Damage: 5,000
Cooldown Time: 25s

Strategy Guide

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  • The Grab can be useful to pull a player off of high ground, or off a ledge to their death.
  • The Grab can end up being disadvantageous to the player, as pulling an opponent closer and failing to switch to another close range weapon can result in the opponent eliminating you before you have a chance to do the same to them.


  • Venom's Smash and Grab works similar to a Harpoon Gun, except that weapon can only destroy one structure at a time, and deals less structure damage.
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