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Current Venture Season

Blasted Badlands - Zone - Fortnite.png
Blasted Badlands
Hit the Road

Season 11: June 19th, 2022 - September 4th, 2022


Ventures is a seasonal feature in Fortnite: Save the World in which commanders can re-experience level and resource progression as they climb to the top of each new Ventures season. Each season takes place in a seasonal zone with new and unique modifiers to tackle.


Ventures has a seasonal zone with modifiers not available in Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks. Higher Venture levels gain access to higher power level missions, increasing rewards.

Venture Level Available Zones
1-9 3, 5, 15
10 5, 15, 23
11-14 15, 23, 34
15-19 23, 34, 46
20-22 34, 46, 58
23-27 46, 58, 70
28-30 58, 70, 82
31-33 70, 82, 94
34-38 82, 94, 108
39-42 94, 108, 124
43-50 108, 124, 140


Crafting is disabled in ventures, and commanders start with some starter weapons. Vending Machines can be found to acquire weapons in exchange for harvested Materials. The level of the weapon will be based on the recommended power level of your mission. Repair Benches can be found to repair your weapons.


Ventures has its own progression similar to the Battle Pass in Battle Royale where your Venture Level determines your F.O.R.T. stats and power level during the season. Venture XP is used to level up as opposed to Commander XP. Supercharger Materials can be obtained in this path of progression along with Weapon Research Vouchers. Additional rewards such as Upgrade Llamas can also be obtained.

Alerts are missions with the timer icon next to them, they only give the alert rewards once

  • Explore Badge = reveal map
  • Building Badge = build/upgrade 20 tiles
  • Combat Badge - deal damage/eliminate until 800 points are accumilated
  • Utility Badge = Craft ammo, salvage loot, destroy anything, search containers, and complete the material llama (outlanders only)


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This section outlines a strategy. Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

Quick Ventures XP Gain

  • Do EVERY alert mission you can see.
  • Get ALL mission badges.
  • Farm the hardest Mega Alerts (4 player missions) until you unlock the next zone.
  • Do the Venture's Challenge Quest.

All Venture Seasons

All questlines, dates and store items displayed below are based on the latest rotation of each season. Additionally, the store items are ordered in weekly release.

Venture Season Event Llama + Store Event Questlines + Rewards
Mild Meadows - Venture - Fortnite.png
Mild Meadows
Lunar New Year
Escalation Modifier

Begins: January 24th, 2022
Ends: April 5th, 2022

Lunar Llama

Wukong and The Dragon's Fist
Snuggle Specialist Sarah
Love Ranger Jonesy and Heartbreaker
Anti-Cuddle Sarah
Dashing Hawk and Love Song Bow
Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy
Battle Hound Jonesy
Staredown Southie
Four Leaf Wildcat
Highland Warrior Wildcat

No Dancing
Wargames Boot Camp
Brawl of the Wild
Scurvy Shoals - Venture - Fortnite.png
Scurvy Shoals
Bouncy Husks Modifier, Super Treasure Modifier

Begins: April 5th, 2022
Ends: June 19th, 2022

Pirate Llama

Miss Bunny Penny
Rabbit Raider Jonesy and Cottontail Eagle Eye
Dashing Hare Ken and Easter Egg Launcher
Bunny Brawler Luna
Powder Keg Bow
Buccaneer Ramirez
Sea Wolf Jonesy and Bundlebuss Freebooter Ken
Diecast Jonesy and Chromium Rameriez

Yarrr's Return
Blasted Badlands - Zone - Fortnite.png
Blasted Badlands
Rage Modifier

Begins: June 19th, 2022
Ends: September 4th, 2022

Rad Llama
+ Birthday Llama (For Event)

Tricera Ops Ramirez
Patriot Penny, Old Glory A.C, Stars and Stripes Jonesy and Star-Spangled Headhunter
Prehistoric Izza
Jurassic Ken
Dennis Jr
Surround Pound
Redline Ramirez
Tactical Assault Sledgehammer
Hot Mix Pistol

Hit The Road
Birthday Mini Sploding Husks
Beyond the Stellar
Tales from Beyond
Hexsylvania - Venture - Fortnite.png
Short Range Modifier

Begins: September 4th, 2021
Ends: November 20th, 2021

Fortnitemares Llama
+ Birthday Llama (For Event)

Plague Doctor Igor
The Black Blade
Husk Grinder and Dirge Song
Ghost Pistol and Dusk
Bloodfinder A.C.
Candy Corn LMG and Spectral Blade
Metal Marauder

Wolfy Business
The Door To Darkness
Bladey Acres
Match Maker
Clip's Nightmare
Cram Session
Flannel Falls - Venture Zone - Fortnite.png
Flannel Falls
Winterfest 2019
Super Heroic Modifier

Begins: November 20th, 2021
Ends: January 24th 2022

Holiday Llama
+ Special Llama/Smörgåsbord Llama (Over Christmas)

Subzero Zenith
Lynx Kassandra
Black Knight Garridan
Ice Queen and Cocoa .45
Pain Train
Santa's Little Helper
Cloaked Shadow
Snowball Launcher

Holly Jolly Ransom
Misfit Toys
Red Willow's Eve