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An occurrence where a player or team meets the victory conditions of the current game mode of the match being played. Typically, this refers to obtaining a first place placement finish.
— Fortnite competitive rule section 2.1.8

A Victory Royale is a Gameplay Mechanic in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is obtained by being the last player or squad alive in a standard Battle Royale match.


A Victory Royale is gained by the player when all other opponents in the match are eliminated, or when the objective of the mode is reached successfully. Players will see the banner atop their screen, alongside a slow motion segment on the elimination of the final player / win. Players will then hear their lobby Music, and the match will end.

Players achieving a Victory Royale for the first time will receive a Victory Umbrella. Players winning for the first time in a season will also gain the seasonal umbrella. Winning in certain Limited Time Modes grants the player a unique umbrella, and winning for the first time using a Founder's Account will grant the Founder's Umbrella also. Players will not receive any of these awards for winning in Large Team Modes such as Team Rumble.

Earning a Victory Royale will award players with a Victory Crown, granting various benefits.


Victory Royales can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Placing as the top squad in any Solo, Duo, Trio or Squad based mode with respawning disabled. This includes many Limited Time Modes, some of which offer unique rewards.
  • Achieving the objective before the other team, or gaining a higher score as the timer runs out in large team modes, such as Team Rumble.
  • Eliminating all living players as a Shadow, during Fortnitemares 2020.
    • This was known as a Nitemare Royale.
  • Eliminating a player with the final weapon rotation in the Arsenal LTM.
  • Beating the final boss in the Horde Rush LTM.
  • Eliminating Thanos or Eliminating the Avengers in the Endgame LTM.
  • Safely extracting the Jewel in the Getaway LTM.
  • Being the first squad to escape the island in the Impossible Escape LTM.
  • Reaching the point goal in any version of Bounty, Disco Domination or Score Royale.
  • Beating all other squads in any tournament based mode, such as Knockout.
  • Obtaining the most credits in the Mando's Bounty LTM.
  • Eliminate the Storm King in his specific mode.
  • Destroying the opposing team's mascot in the Food Fight LTM.
  • Having the highest score at the end of the final song in Fortnite Festival: Battle Stage.



Info Audio
Victory Royale
Old Victory Royale
Summer Royale
Spy Games Victory
Impostors Victory
Escape Victory


  • Victory Royales do not exist in Creative games, instead showing either a 'Victory' splash screen, or a customised end game screen, if victory conditions are enabled and met. This is not the case if the island creator selected Battle Royale as post-game type, where it’ll show the usual placement and/or Victory Royale. (though this has been bugged since Chapter 4, Season 2)