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A Victory Royale, also called a 'win', or a 'dub', is given to the last solo, duo, trio, squad, or large team alive in Fortnite: Battle Royale. When you get your first Victory Royale, you get an umbrella, and if it is your first win on that season, an umbrella specific to the season that you won it in. There is also a emote called Sign Spinner where you can spin the Victory Royale sign. You will only get an umbrella if it is a Solo, Duo, or Squad win, or a certain LTM with a certain umbrella for that LTM.

How to get a Victory Royale?

  • Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads, Slide, The Floor is Lava, Solid Gold, High Explosives, Catch!, Sneaky Silencers, Close Encounters, and Sniper Shootout: Eliminate the others and be the last one standing.
  • Large Team Modes: Eliminate the other teams.
  • Team Rumble: Reach the elimination goal
  • Air Royale: Destroy others’ planes
  • Arsenal: Eliminate a player using the final weapon
  • Bounty, Disco Domination, and Score Royale: Reach the point goal
  • Endgame and Infinity Gauntlet: As the Avengers: Kill Thanos and his allies. As Thanos: Kill the Avengers
  • Food Fight: Destroy the other team’s mascot.
  • Horde Rush: Beat the husks.
  • Getaway: Get the jewel from the safe and move it to the van
  • Storm King: Destroy the Storm King’s Horns and then finish him off.
  • Mando’s Bounty: get the most credits.
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